Friday, January 26, 2007

*A Few of My Favorite Things #1

As I am trying to be more organized at the beginning of this year, I realize that we accumulate things and then they tend to lose our attention for the next thing we want.

When decorating, it is the synergy of what we have collected and how we arrange it that makes us so unique. I love seeing other people's homes for this reason.

While I am putting my focus more on what already exists within my life and being totally thankful everyday for it, I've noticed more and more little things that I already have which make me smile. It's funny how you rediscover things and they are special again. If this happens now, I give them a second chance. If the romance doesn't last, I can happily give them away and know someone else will treasure them.
It makes me wonder about the rest of the story with my lovely little chandelier. Who has owned it before, and when did it get released into the universe, looking for my home. I found it at the Antique Market about an hour away, but it had traveled far.

There were several chandeliers at the market that day. We found this one and then went comparison shopping. The other vendors had lesser quality ones and and/or more expensive. The difference in price was not a factor in chosing this one. It was purely her glowing personality. We also liked the seller, who was a nice little ol' guy.

So this source of light traveled from Italy to us, to our home. Even a couple of years ago, this is not what I would have chosen. It just happened when I decided I needed something older in the DR.

I remember seeing the movie Pollyanna as a kid. But I don't remember a single thing about the movie except when Pollyanna used the crystal prisms to make rainbows on the walls. I think my heart and soul has been longing for a chandelier with dancing prisms of light ever since.


  1. Wow that is a stunning chanedelier! I love the paint color on the walls. Your home is so beautiful!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! If I could only get hubby to agree to get rid of the ugly ceiling fan!

  3. That BEAUTIFUL chandy was meant to shine in your home and for YOU ~ Pollyanna would adore it ~ just perfectly gorgeous.

  4. P.S.
    we looked around today at Renninger's and there was almost no crystal chandeliers at all! And the one we found that was pretty close to the one we have was now $300 more than we paid. I really don't think the price went up that much in general. We just got the perfect one at a good price that day.
    Thanks Ladies!

  5. Gorgeous! I always think of Pollyanna, too, when I see dangling prisms.

    I love the before and after shot of your house. It is amazing what you have done. It is a well loved house!

    Cheers! LA

  6. Oh my, but that chandelier is simply beeeeeeeeeeeeeeutiful! And I'll bet the room around it, is also.


  7. Your home is beautiful and so warm and welcoming!!!! You have certainly made this home your own! I love my home as well and the smallest things excite me. A little change goes along much fun! Thanks for sharing your home with us:)

  8. She does, indeed, glow. Super find - one you never, ever forget!


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