Saturday, January 6, 2007

*Welcoming Wisdom

The first of the decorations each year is the creche which always seems to go here on the entry table. It is tucked away again after the Wisemen's visit. The tree and ornaments are already taken down & put away, but we can savor one last day of the Season.

Today I'm making one of our favorite Holiday meals. For several years we have had French Onion Soup, fresh bread, Fruit Salad, and usually Chocolate Pie on this day. When my daughter was little and even now, I wanted to make Christmas last a bit longer, so I would find small gifts for the days between Christmas Day and the Epiphany, the Day of the Wisemen. I love the story of the Wisemen/Astrologers' long journey. It reminds me to seek Wisdom and all else will follow from the heart. It isn't that I have mastered that, I am in need of constant reminders and I welcome them. There is a beautiful book called the Fourth Wiseman. A wonderful book to read especially this time of year. Somewhere along the way of celebrating this day, food became an important part! No surprise to many of us.


  1. Donna, I'm so happy that you are a blogging girl now!! It is looking lovely here already! Beautiful pictures! What a nice tradition you have too ~ your meal sounds wonderful! I'll have to find that book ~ it sounds so inspirational, and that is a good thing! You know I'll be back! ;-)

  2. Oh, I have that book, the Fourth Wise Man! It's so nice to be reminded to seek Wisdom. The Universe is so kind to give us these gentle nudges.
    I have a sudden hankering for Chocolate Pie ...


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