Tuesday, February 20, 2007

*Dining Room - Rosey Glow

It looks like there is such beautiful light in this room, later in the day at least. This is the afternoon sun shining in from the living room, and flowers from Valentine's Day.

The dining room has no windows, and is located in a typical way for the houses built at this time, in a pathway to everywhere. If you have a room like that, the best thing to do is decorate in a way that you can love it anyway. The feeling is comfort, breakfast or holiday dinners, it isn't too fussy.

Things that changed in this room since the last redecorating adventure.
* Painted the ceiling green, we added the molding last time.
* New wall colors taken from the rug, purchased on Ebay. One of my favorites we have found.
* The walls were painted a medium, rich golden pumpkin and then glazed with two shades of lighter ochre golds.
* The living room silk drapes were moved in here and I changed the attached valance using the same green toile that is on the chairs.

* The chairs were reupholstered in the lime/light olivey green toile and a solid of the same green. The end chairs are skirted and are upholstered on the backs, front and back sides.
* The dining table and chairs are the same ones from Thomasville that I purchased over 20 years ago.
* We also installed new molding at the entry to the dining room, and the molding around the French doors mimics that. I haven't taken any new picutres of that side yet.

Still a couple of things to do in here, but mostly it is done!


  1. Donna, I love the Dining Room. I remember some of your pictures on the MSN Groups. I really like this look the best. The green and black toile is just beautiful and the table looks fabulous....love the flowers. You are truly an inspiration! Thank you for sharing.
    Marilyn in NM (from Great Impressions deedeemarNM)

  2. Hi Donna

    I've been checking in here every so often, to see what you're up to. You never cease to amaze me. I love what you've done with your dining room. As usual, it is perfection!

    I've enjoyed all your blog entries! Wish I had your talent!

    Pat(Xanti's G'ma)

  3. Your home is phenomenal!! I've gone back through all the photos. You've probably said this at some point but are you a professional interior designer? Probably a silly question given what your home looks like. It's truly like looking in a favorite magazine. Our home is quite small and after all these years I still don't have it exactly like I want. (I've changed decor/colors SO many times). Your house truly is awe inspiring!

  4. ooh la la - SO beautifully orchestrated! I love the pop of the chair fabric AND the ceiling color - the layering of hues and elements in this charming dining room have been perfectly done! I'd love to linger at your table and just soak it all in!

  5. Good golly, Miss Molly! That's one terrific dining room. I'm ever so impressed...and envious!

  6. What a gorgeous dining room! I would definitely enjoy breakfast, or any other meal, there. You are truly gifted!

  7. Your dining room is so beautiful. What an oasis of beauty in your home. You are lucky it is a room you can pass through often! I love that shade of green you have used. Absolute tranquility.

  8. Oh, we don't have the pass through dining room but rather have a formal one that apparently was designed by a man who had never bothered to really look at how large formal dining rooms should be. It has 2 windows (on 1 wall) and doors on 2 other walls and is almost a perfect square. Yes, it has been a challenge but I still love it. Growing up, I never lived in a house with a formal dining room so I always knew it was going to be a requirement when I had my own home. All, 6 of them, have had one! LOL

  9. Love the drapes and the colour on the wall...lovely!!!

  10. Hello and thank you so much for sharing all of your fabulous ideas with us!
    I have a question for you- when you did the crown molding, did you miter the corners, or is it just painted 1x6's going around the room? I have studied your pictures adn I just cannot tell....

  11. This dining room is stunning! I love everything about it. I'm sure everyone who shares a meal at that table feels the warmth and coziness of this room. You do indeed have a talent for decorating.

  12. The Dining Room is beautiful. I so love the effect you got, with the walls.

    We've never been 'brave' enough to work with glaze. Maybe, someday... I so love the effect it gives.


  13. That dining room is so fab! Love it. I have to ask what the fabric is on the chairs...I want it! Thse are the exact colors that I want for my bath. Wonderful job! Your blog is so great.


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