Tuesday, February 27, 2007

*Kitchen - A Few Changes

There's a lot to be said for using new items sometimes. The kitchen is certainly one place where new might be better.
We installed a new faucet and sink. The tile we we put in ourselves, which is tumbled marble with bronze rope and "dot" accents, the same as the finish on the faucet.
The granite is New Venetian Gold, which is a great medium color and so easy to keep looking good.


  1. I love your faucets! You certainly did a fantastic job with the marble installation as well. I always thought that was one of those jobs that came with a warning "Don't try this on your own at home!" lol
    I also adore that "objet" on your window sill. The harlequin patterned jar on a pedestal. Very cool.

  2. Donna.....your kitchen is BEAUTIFUL!!!! You guys are GOOD:) Thanks for you comments on my blog. It is quite a thrill to see your things in print:)

  3. Wow, very very pretty!
    Come visit me!

  4. LOVE IT! Your so good...


  5. Oh my how absolutely gorgeous. We are hoping to begin doing some things this year and new counters, sink, faucet, flooring for the kitchen is at the top of the list. I also want tile backsplashes as well...LOVE your ideas and colors.
    Oh how proud you must be. It is stunning!

  6. WOW! What a great looking kitchen!
    LoVe the white sinks!!When I get home poor natureboy has a few projects I will have him get on!Thank you for the inspiration!
    hugs NG

  7. The faucet is gorgeous! And I love the tiles....you did a great job with them.

  8. Donna..... just stunning - my goodness - you are so talented !!

    Was wondering where you found the harlequin piece.... LOL - usually every time I ask about a harlequin piece, I'm told it was purchased at a Hobby Lobby and unfortunately, we don't have them here in Maryland....


  9. That little covered jar was purchased at Marshall's a few years ago. I think it's so fun, too!

    Thank you again ladies!

  10. Love your granite!

    See how it shines and reflects the light? That is why we couldn't have it all over our counters. Just on the island. My husband is the Chef of the house. And he has had a lot of eye trouble, over the years. So lots of reflection would have really bothered his eyes, when in the kitchen.

    Since we did our kitchen over, a few years ago, they now say they have granite with is not so reflective. But... that was then and now is now and we aren't going to do it all over.



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