Friday, February 9, 2007

*Paint Color & Medallion Details

The medallion in the DR was once an oval frame. I really don't remember why I used it instead of buying a ready made one, but I think it was because I had seen some really old plaster ones and wanted something more like those. This one is wood, I think.
The inside of it is embossed paper to cover the ceiling area and a few embellishments that I might not add today, not quite so fussy, although I do still like the clay bees I made for it.

The whole area was primed, then antiqued with watered down raw umber paint to bring out the carving and make it look aged. Then I dry-brushed over the whole thing with a flat, slightly off-white paint.

The color of the walls in the post about built-in shelves is Laura Ashley Gold 4 which you can get at Lowe's.

The LA paints have been used by a few zillion people, but for good reason, they are nice colors. A very close color family can be found at Sherwin Williams on the Blonde strip of paints. They too, have been used a lot for the same reason.


  1. Thank you so much!!! Really appreciate you sharing your 'technique'. It's all so beautiful (and inspirational!).

  2. Another new medallion? It's really pretty too, Donna. I have one I got from House Parts that I'm going to add to my DR, when I get around to painting the ceiling. How do you make them stay up there? Liquid Nails? I was just wondering that. I think I'll start working on mine too. Thanks for the inspiration.


  3. Donna that chandy and medallion are just luscious just like everything else in your house! I'm so glad that you started a blog. I've always enjoyed the eye candy at your house. Jen

  4. You are welcome Dorothy. I hope yours turns out just the way you want it.

    Rhoda, I do use liquid nails, but we always screw it into the ceiling as well, and just dab some paint over the screw head. It helps it to stay in place while that wonder glue is curing. I don't worry about using the anchors, because it's going to be held by the liquid nails in the end.

    Thanks Jen! I'm enjoying this better than fighting with MSN.

  5. PS...Rhoda, it's the same one. It's just flat white plaster looking now. It was aged gold before.

  6. Love your blog...what a decorator you are! I applaud you~ What color is the ceiling where the beautiful chandelier is hanging? Thanks, Tina

  7. Lov ethe LA paints...we are re doing our paint this Spring. I have LA Navy 4 in th edining room but am going for Navy 5 this time. : ) I wanted something different, but in the same family for our study, Your LA gold 4 is perfect! We have LA yellow in there now but the gold is a better fit now. Thank you for sharing. Your home and blog are so inspiring!
    Oooh...those brownies look delicious! Yum...and I am so happy that Andi won your give away! She is the sweetest lady and a great blog friend!
    Thank you again for all your inspiration!


  8. Oh, what a wonderful idea! I just love your decorating ideas...they are so inventive and oh so beautiful!

  9. =^..^=
    The frame idea is ingenious!

    I really think I might like to play with this one ... I have a tiny italian chandelier I thought would be fun to put out in the garden conservatory (re: glorified garden shed of vintage windows) and your medallion idea would be a wonderful surprise for visitors when they look up ...

    Thank you for sharing!
    =^..^= love, zU

  10. The fun thing about using an old frame is how pretty they are. I hope it works for any of you.

    The ceiling color is a lime green in the light olive family. I matched it to the fabric on the DR chairs.

    Thank you all for taking the time to post a note.


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