Tuesday, March 27, 2007

~ Favorite Things ~ Bird's Nest Gift

A few years ago, my hubby brought in this sweet bird's nest which the birds had left behind at the end of the season. It has been used for lots of Holidays, from Christmas to Easter, and each of the 4 seasons. Whenever it gets a little remodel and is displayed, it's one of my favorite things all over again.

I have no idea where she got what looks like unbleached cotton for the center, but it adds so much to it. Look at all those big branches added by the original owner. She was quite a worker.


  1. That is a beautiful home! Comfortable and lived in~ If walls could talk.

  2. That is fabulous! It's neat to think of little birds as little decorators...I saw a nature program once that discussed birds and the nests they made and it was interesting that some birds prefer certain colors of materials for their nests. Some actually prefer *blue* and how neat it was to see a birds nest made of all sorts of scraps of blue:) There were other colors, too...so neat!

  3. Neat nest, Donna!

    Do you remember when a bird made her home in my front door basket? That was a couple years ago. It was neat watching the eggs, through the glass in the door and the parents, too. Soon there were little birds there. I think that's happened a couple times.

  4. I think those little birds have an inate desire to have beautiful nests just like we like to have beautiful surroundings!

    I like bird nests and try to save the ones I find in the yard.

    I enjoy visiting your blog.....

  5. Your bird's nest is lovely. There's something special about having a real one....knowing that once it held tiny eggs that hatched into little birds that flew off to sing at your window.

  6. What a great nest! We also kept the nest Robins had made last Spring ... After we brush our lab, we leave the hair for nesting material - so we were thrilled to find his lab hair woven all throughout the nest :-)

  7. That is a beautiful bird nest! A few year ago I got to watch a bird make a nest in the tree right outside my livingroom window. It was more entertaining than watching tv. They really work hard building those nests.

  8. The nest is just beautiful....I can see why you look forward to using it during the holidays. Somehow, I think that the mama bird who originally built it would be pleased that you are appreciative of her efforts.

  9. That's a beautiful way to display that nest!

    I really enjoy visiting your blog - I always get some new ideas.


  10. Wow... beautiful image. Your blog is such a delight!

  11. Thanks to each of you for taking the time to leave your note and share your nest stories! These little homes are such a wonder of nature and I would expect that you would all love them, too.

  12. Love that birdsnest, Donna! We couldn't duplicate that if we tried...those birdies know just the right stuff to put in their nests. I had birds stealing my coco mat from my planters last year for their nest, I'm sure!
    Beautiful display!

    Southern Hospitality

  13. Just too precious. Last year we had a dove make her home in the basket on our front door. Among the faux greenery and geraniums was this prefect little bed she made for herself and her 2 offspring. We, of course, were forced to come and go through the back door so we did not disturb our boarder. Several weeks later...off the 3 of them flew. We keep looking to see if she will return again this year...


  14. Donna, that is just the PRETTIEST thing ~ nature at its' best... just beautiful.

  15. What a pretty, pretty display with that beautiful nest! We had a nest one year where the birds lined the inside with our purple pansie flowers. It was truely a work of art.


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