Monday, May 21, 2007

~ Monday, Corners of My Home, Morning Room

It was wonderful weekend here. Not quite as hot, so we spent time on Sunday getting my old pots, and some new ones :), filled up with flowers. I'll snap some pictures during the week to show you. I ran out of flowers and need just a few more. It was all the more special because my Sweet Husband loves helping with this little task. It sure made it go more quickly and less strain on me. We found good looking resin urns/pots at a great price. They are planted, but need a little bit of paint since they are too gray right now.

Here is another picture of that kitchen island that I painted a faux checkerboard wood butcher block top for. It is arranged differently all the time, so it has the brown transferware on it now, with different things.
We built a wall of storage here, but I think I still need more than the island gives me. But I love the way it looks here.

This was all natural wood and the top was not good butcher block to begin with. Solid wood, though. I painted the bottom satin black, did a bit of distressing, and then painted the top to look like the checkerboard. It is sealed with several layers of matte varnish and has really held up well.

Happy Monday!


  1. Happy Monday to you, too, Donna!

    I don't think I've seen that view before. It's beautiful. I've always liked your island.

    I'm thinking about doing some sort of paint treatment on the little table and chairs, I picked up Saturday.

    Back Porch Musings

  2. Thanks for visiting me and my newest fleamarket finds...and the sweet comments! (Although the prices are pretty steep here, unfortunately! ~I usually take atleast 500 dollars each time and checks!)

    Love your checkerboard island, that is so wonderful. I had my husband do something similar to our kitchen floor, although on a much larger scale (otherwise he would be crazy by now!)

  3. I love the mix in this charming vignette! Is the painting one of your husband's great works?

  4. After seeing your checkerboard butcher block, I am inspired to do the same on a similar item in my kitchen. Could you please give a short tutorial on how you did it? I also did larger squares on a previous house's kitchen floors and used tape for clean lines...but couldn't figure out how to use tape for the small squares. Love your blog. Connie

  5. Beautiful! Is this part of your fabulous kitchen too? Those cupboards are great, would love to see more of them.

  6. Love the checkerboard.
    That was so nice of your husband to help you out with the planting.
    Can't wait to see.
    Happy Monday to you too!

  7. How pretty! Is that one of DH's beautiful paintings? I love your butcher block, and also the doors on those cabinets. Everything is just lovely! You both have put so much thought into each area of your home.

  8. Your butcher block is wonderful. You really elevate everything you touch!


  9. You are just so creative with your hands. That is a true talent.

  10. Oh such beautiful 'corners,' you have!!! Oh my yes!!!


  11. Great piece! Love how you made it unique with the checker board pattern.

  12. Oh yeah! I really love a checkerboard design on things! This is especially great with that piece of art above it :)

  13. Love the butcher block!
    God bless :)

  14. Butcher block looks just fantastic! You are a painting goddess. If I tried to paint simple straight lines, let alone small squares ... well, lets just say it would be a piece for the way back of the garage :)

  15. This is just to die for! Wonderful!
    As always, Iam so impressed and inspired!


  16. I have tried doing checkerboard, even taping it but I never seem to get it as neat as you. Can you offer any tips?

  17. Your butcher block is absolutely amazing. I love the checkerboard look. Maybe that is why I'm so in love with MacKenzie Childs.

  18. That is so awesome! I'd love to try something like that but it looks hard.

  19. Photos of your beautiful home never cease to amaze me...the butcher block came out great!! I adore the built-ins on either side. You definitely have the flair my dear!

  20. Oh how I've missed you! I adore this checkerboard masterpiece - and truly love the picture of this "vignette" - what a wonderful blend of visual inspiration!


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