Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summertime and It's All About Gardening!

Friday Edit:
Thank you so much for coming by and stopping for a bit out by the pond.
I really enjoyed sharing it with you.
We are off treasure hunting this weekend and during next week. I'm itching to head back to that large antique "mall" in Mt. Dora so we are going out tomorrow. During the week, we are headed down to Vero Beach to check out the Hospice Thrift Store that my MIL is very involved with. She does the pricing. :) So I hope to find a trunk full of goodies! I'll keep you posted.
Have a Wonderful Weekend!

It's too hot to really go out digging now, but the flowers and plants who made it this far into the heat need lots of watering. At least we did get some rain last week. This is an area that we were working on during the last couple of months. The decks needed restaining, we put in a new walk down area to the pond, and replanted around the outside areas. It's a really wonderful peaceful place. And we have lots of baby fish to entertain us, except they scurry away if they see us. Silly fish.

The Angels for Brianna Auction is going great! Thank you to all of you who have helped out. Everything is working correctly now, so be sure to stop by and look or bid if you haven't had a chance yet.


  1. That is a beautiful garden. Makes you just want to sit and enjoy it.
    I posted more kitchen photos today.

  2. Sigh. If I were a baby fish I would want to swim there - is that not heavenly? Beautiful.

  3. Donna, it's beautiful, as always your backyard is a huge inspiration!


  4. Thanks for stopping by the blog. I got a chance to come by yours and everything is just wonderful. Your yard is spectacular! I'll be sure to check back often.


  5. Hi Donna....

    To repeat myself:-)...Perfection absolute perfection!!


  6. Enjoy your trip to Mt. Dora! There is a cute little store called When Pigs Fly which is on the way to the little town. Oh and there is also another great store which has several vendors within (booths) just before you turn to go into the main part of town - there is a lot to look at - the name escapes me but it is on the right just before the turn. Rennigers (sp) is a great place to walk around and just look. I have found some really great things in both sides (flea market and the indoor portion). have fun! I really wish I had visited that more when I lived there.

    My father lives in Vero Beach - I hope your mother-in-love did not have damage from the storms down there. A friend of my father is still having problems getting her place repaired.

    I really have enjoyed stopping by your blog with my morning cup of coffee! You are truly a great inspiration. :O) I think we all appreciate your time in sharing your pictures and thoughts with us!

    Love and God's Blessings,

  7. Have lots of fun! Good luck with the treasure hunt!

  8. Hi Donna....your garden is so beautiful! What I wouldn't give to live in zone 8 or 9, and have your green thumb and design "vision" to boot!

    I hope that you have fun on your weekend outing (wish I could go, too! :) If you make it down to West Palm, go to the "Goodwill Boutique". My son just loves that place, and has found oodles and scads of unworn golf shirts and Polos. He said that it is different from the regular Goodwill stores there. I try to get him to check out the home items, but he claims to not know what I would want... ;)



  9. pretty.

    Have a nice week-end.

    Kathy =)

  10. oh i am so very interested in the thrift shop in they have interesting furniture pieces...i am always looking for pieces to paint...i am starting to sell more furniture pieces...i live on amelia island, so any places you think i may like, let me know...blessings, rebecca

  11. Can't wait to see all the goodies you find on your treasure hunt! My friend Terry goes to Vero beach quite often and always RAVES about how beautiful it is. Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

  12. Your garden is glorious! Just the perfect place to be on a Summer's day.


  13. Your backyard is stunning. I want one too. LOL


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