Wednesday, September 5, 2007

~Happy Wednesday!

I love Aqua Blue these days. It might not quite make it into my home decor, but I love making arty things using that color right now.

How do they do it??? I sometimes follow that sweet Blog Trail and find someone who is running an online shop, or working inside/outside their home, and being Mommy, Wife, etc., etc. It's kind of a miracle that you just do whatever you need to do and never realize how much you are doing until later. Years later, sometimes!

So compared to some of these ladies, I have no excuse. But here it is another middle of the week and no post at all around here!

Congrats to my dear friend Kim *Daisy Cottage on the picture of her wonderful home in Romantic Homes, Sept issue. I'm looking forward to a big spread in a magazine someday. Soon I hope.

I think it was sweet Pat *Back Porch Musings who was wooing me with the promise of Autumn and cooler temperatures. Not yet down here, but still there is a very far off gentle breeze today that makes it seem possible that it will cool down a bit, just like it does every year.

And a little note to Rhoda *Southern Hospitality . Thanks for talking me into going to Savannah. We so loved this city. The river front area was OK, but it was the downtown with squares and old house that was so wonderful! It has changed dramatically over the last 15 years, and quite a bit over the last 5. We walked all over, at night, and it was pretty safe feeling. The Savannah Art School has really changed the town for the better. I'll get around to a little writing about it. But thanks for giving me the push to stop over there.

Sweet Ladies ( and one gent if the Pistol comes by :)
thank you always for stopping by and leaving your notes. Whenever I stop running around, I try to get by to visit you all, because that's the fun part of Blog Land isn't it?!


  1. I LOVE aqua...can't get enough of it! Such a chic color...

  2. I have been liking that color more and more too! I don't know what it is about it?
    Loved your post today,

  3. Donna, I just bought a cute aqua checked apron at a thrift store today. Also, I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you for the middle name game. Check out my blog to see what it's about. Have a great day!


  4. Beautiful color! It's my daughter's current favorite, and one of our very best colors to wear.

  5. i love to wear that color...and my bedroom is tiffany blue if i only had time to hang those window treatments...blessings, rebecca

  6. Must be somthing in the air. I have started added a deeper aqua French blue to my home to balance out the reds, mustards and greens.

  7. Just my luck. I got rid of all my blue stuff years ago and now it's all popular again!! Oh well, "done that and been there." But, yes it is a refreshing color.


  8. Aqua, Robbin's Egg Blue - love them all and usually use them in the summer in accessories.


  9. Thank you so much for the mention, Donna!

    I love aqua, also. I don't use it so much here at home. I have all my lake bedroom things in the garage sale (Sept 8) and plan to do a cottage look in that room. Something to do after the wedding, perhaps over the winter. I have an idea, aqua will be used in some way!


  10. Thank you my dear friend - very much for mentioning me..

    Beautiful colors and collections to be found here at your place! I love each one!


  11. Hey, Donna! Love your new artsy things...I just can't seem to go in that direction like many of your artists do.

    Oh! I'm so glad you loved Savannah. I just knew you could not not love all those old houses & beautiful squares. It's really so Old South. Those old houses are so neat & fun to tour. We did a few house tours while there & I hope you got to do some of that too. It's a great little historical city to visit. Can't wait to hear more!

    Have a great weekend!


  12. I just loved all your Savannah trips. It is one of our favorite places. Your photos brought back sweet memories.
    Bill always tells Grace he would love to see her go to SCAD so we could come visit her there! : )

    Love Kim's, Pat's and Rhoda's blogs...just like yours, in them all I find great inspiration and joy.

    I just saw the new Martha Stewart line of housewares at Macy's and there are many things in aqua. I thought of you!

    Stay well and have a sweet week dear Donna!



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