Tuesday, October 23, 2007

~The Perfect, Crooked Silver Teapot

Most of the time I tend to avoid garage sales and thrift stores. But I've spent a few hours at them anyway. Consignment stores I actually like a lot and often find things in them.
When we bought our first house we checked out garage sales a couple of miles away where they were usually gutting beautiful homes just to make them larger and grander. Usually making them no longer look as though they were a part of the original neighborhoods. Since we were trying to make our little tiny place a bit nicer, we found windows, doors and things like that. But it never quite made our tiny bungalow grander, thank goodness.

This day we were in a messy little store that we found by accident. My dear friend Kim finds such interesting treasures at her Good Will store, we decided to look for one while visiting the antique shops in a nearby small town. We now try to get out for more day road trips in part because of sweet Pat, who first enticed me to look around for trips that were close to home. The Good Will was a bust for me, but they usually are. What might look amazing in Kim's home with her fantastic style of decorating, doesn't always translate as well into someone else's home. And then there is Rhoda who loves garage sales, and often finds things to sell in her store, and even found something I needed once!

So this day we found the messy store, consignment type, with boxes of junk. Not necessarily cool junk, that I love. This was just junk. Stuff that someone didn't want, and neither did I. However, moving things around and looking a bit harder did begin to yeild a special treat here and there.

Sweet Hubby was busy looking for whatever he thought I might like to use for art. He came over with the perfect find, a silver teapot. He knew that I had just brought home a proud arm load of tarnished silver pieces and had been so pleased when I showed them off to him. Now he found a new treasure.

I looked at it, and it had seen better days. Much better days as a matter of fact. The top was bent and didn't look like it was too easy to fix. It was a bit overpriced. And I didn't need it since I had just bought a few items the same size and shapes. It was however perfect, in every way.

Here is stands. The most perfect old, tarnished silver piece I own.
I often use it in some arrangement in the living room or entry area. Every time, it reminds me of the wonderful day we spent together. My kind and caring husband began going on these little excursions just for me. I think now he enjoys them quite a bit, just because we are together and he likes seeing me find something special. We no longer have to go to thrift stores and garage sales because we can't afford to buy things new. Now we go to find something special from the past and to make our own memories.

So here it is, my treasured gift, the perfect, crooked, tarnished, silver teapot in a wonderful, imperfect, little house, which happens to shelter my heart, my family.

Halloween arrangement: The Crooked Teapot, new vintage style Halloween Cat in a Pumpkin, Real Gourds, newer Silver and Glass

**Thank You! to dear Teresa at Plum Water Cottage for the Smile Award!**
Sorry I always forget to mention these things.


  1. I have felt like the only one in blogland who just doesn't seem to have much luck at Goodwill and garage sales. We live in a rather depressed area of Pa and there just in no such thing as treasures at these stores. I am anxious to go for some trips into other areas and hit thrift stores. I love that little imperfect teapot ......and your display is great :-)

  2. i have a couple of cool tarnished silver pieces...my fav is a water pitcher that i love to use for many things...thanks for reminding me how much i love it...blessings, rebecca

  3. Some people do find amazing things at their thrift stores and garage sales. Me, I rarely find anything. But then I'm not good at rummaging through tons of stuff and I don't like getting up early on the weekends to go to garage sales LOL! I think your teapot is darling. I really like the shape of it and the story behind it certainly makes it special!


  4. Ok, non-thrift store and garage sale shoppers UNITE! I stand in awe of Kim and Rhoda, however. I do get things now and then that way, I do try, but I am a consignment shop or antique shop lover! I guess I am not willing to get up at the crack of dawn, scout out places to go in the right neighborhoods and rummage through dusty bins to find the good stuff. And, like you said, not all of our styles work so well for finding things that way.

    Love your teapot and treasures!

  5. There is something wonderful about that crooked Teapot....it has lived a wonderful life....oh the stories it could tell!

    blessings, kari and kijsa

  6. Hi Donna,

    What a great post....loved it and your teapot has character. I wish I could find things like Kim and Rhoda..once in a blue moon I do, but I am not much of a rumage sale person. I do well @ TJ Max, we have a junkie place here in the NE called Bldg 19....that is my once in a blue moon find, honest to God the place is a mess, they buy things in bulk from places that have suffered a fire, water type loss. Some things are just last years model. You really have to be in the mood to enter.

    Thanks for the post I always love stopping by.....

    Kathy :)

  7. I have become a thrift store junkie.
    I think I need a 12 Step program.LOL

    I know what times of the day the new merchandise comes in, which is the most fun. To me it's like a treasure hunt. I found some really fun Christmas decorations last week.


  8. Donna,
    I love that teapot, and your Halloween vignette. You never know what you might find.
    Congrats to the winner Elaine.
    I have been away for a few days. My computer died. I am back with a new one.

  9. I love, love, love the tarnished silver in the H'ween display, Donners. Great job! I am linking to you on my blog!

  10. Hey, Donna, glad you do give it a whirl every now & then. You just never know what's gonna be at the next stop. You know I thrive on that kind of shopping, LOL. What a fun story of the tarnished teapot & how you and your hubby go out looking together. Now, that will probably never happen with me. Happy hunting!


  11. As a lover of old & tarnished silver, I adore your tea pot!
    What a treasure indeed...

  12. Great blog! I found you on Etsy.

  13. Sweet Donners.... you know how proud I am of you for trying Goodwill! ;-)
    Your crooked little teapot is SO special - I love how you saw the beauty in it! And it is BEAUTIFUL, indeed! A token of the love and passions that you and your hubby share.
    And these are such sweet, poetic words about your home.. you should make a collage out of them and hang it in your beautifully "decorated house":

    .... "A wonderful, imperfect, little house, which happens to shelter my heart, my family."

  14. Adorable Halloween arrangement and love the story.
    I have that exact tea pot ~ purchased it at an auction years ago in a $1.00 box of stuff to include a porcelain bed pan.

    Hope you are having a great week.

  15. I love you arrangment..the tea pot is perfect! I too like to mix the unsual together! Happy Halloween. Dianntha

  16. When we were going for the "hair try out", Xanti spotted a Goodwill, but we had no time, that day.

    Yesterday, she looked so cute, at the painting party. Many of her outfits are put together with Goodwill finds. She has more luck than I! She's developed her own unique style from Garage Sales and Thrift stores.

    Pehaps, I should check in at thrift stores more often.

    I love the crooked teapost and the story behind it!

  17. Love the story of the crooked teapot and how it found the perfect home!


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