Tuesday, November 13, 2007

~Such a Lovely Love Story, and Wedding

Weddings have gotten so carried away these days, sometimes it's hard to enjoy them anymore. It seems like it's all about how much money was spent to impress. But this wedding was beautiful. Oh it wasn't done on a tiny shoestring, but nothing was done just to impress and she was careful with her budget. It was however very special for other reasons, and this night and this wedding have really stayed with me over the last few days.

It's easy to say what you would do after being married to someone for many years and some kind of illness strikes, you do what needs to be done out of love. Period. This young woman has shown more courage and love than seems possible for someone so young, not yet 30.

A year and half ago, their lives were full of fun with a dash of caution I'm sure since he was a police officer. He was hurt in the line of duty and needed surgery on his knee. Not major surgery. While they were doing the operation, he had a major stroke. He came out no longer able to talk or walk and had to learn all of this again at the age of about 30. Not something that would ever cross your mind at that age. She has been his "angel" as he said with great difficulty of speaking during the ceremony. What amazed me was how she looked at him exactly the same as if he were giving his vows with the most clear and perfect voice possible. She looked at him the same as he struggled with speaking as she did before the stroke, he was totally the same to her. Not a waver of her loving gaze as if he speech was still perfect. Weddings often make me cry. This time it didn't. I was too in awe of the courage and love I was privileged to see.

The setting overlooking the lake was spectacular, with huge cypress trees on acres of land. Such a perfect spot with this gazebo in just the right place.

Isn't this ball made of tiny lime green mums beautiful?Thanks for your notes on the previous post. I wasn't looking all that kindness, but appreciate it anyway. I just haven't been around to your blogs, which I love to do and wanted you to know part of the reason. I'm busy trying to do somethings for Christmas for the shop. But I seem to be really slow at getting things done.

Have a wonderful evening!


  1. What a beautiful heart felt wedding!
    Thank God they have one another to have and to hold! We all need each others support!!

  2. I'm so glad you shared this with us, Donna. The very definition of love to me is the ability to love a person to their very soul; obviously this couple has that. The physical part of us is so temporary, after all; we are truly souls with bodies. May the happy couple enjoy a lifetime of love and joy together!

  3. i have a wedding in my future...my daughter got engaged tonight...so this is a beautiful reminder that it's not all about $$$...TAKE YOUR TIE COMING AROUND...i'll wait for you...blessings, rebecca

  4. Just goes to prove you NEVER know !!
    What a beautiful post.....

    All the best to the Newlyweds.

    Kathy :)

    ps It didn't look like you needed your longjohns ???

  5. What a beautiful love story, or story of love. This post is amazing, dear Donna!

    Little lime mums, Yoko Ono's, in a ball with eggplant ribbon, will be carried by our precious flower girls, Saturday. Aren't those tiny flowers beautiful?


  6. A very nice post, Donna. Blessings and happy wishes to the couple for a lifetime of happiness.

  7. Some people forget what it's really all about...it's not about the wedding hoopla but about the marriage. This young couple obviously know what that is important and sharing that divine love. What a lovely post, I can certainly understand it staying with you.
    I truly hope things begin looking up and that your husband is feeling better. Sometimes life does the domino effect. Wishing you well.

  8. Great love story, Donna. Thanks for sharing the details. Rare to find that kind of devotion these days. Looked like a stunning wedding too.


  9. That is a touching story, with a happy ending!!
    There are real life angels.
    Have a great night,

  10. It sounds like they are true soul mates. I think the nicest weddings are small with only the closest of friends and family present.


  11. That's such a touching story! What an amazing young woman. Thanks for sharing and all the best to the young couple!


  12. A beautiful post - what an amazing couple.. thank you Donners for sharing their specialness with us.


  13. Such a sweet story - thank you for sharing it. Wishing the lovely couple a lifetime of happiness.

  14. Donna - what a beautiful testament to the true meaning of love...

    Thank you so much for sharing this most inspiring story..


  15. What a beautiful story thanks for sharing it. Happy Thanksgiving.


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