Wednesday, December 19, 2007

~Christmas Joy Wednesday, Holiday Home Tour

Merry Christmas, from our Home to Yours!

Thanks for coming by to visit. Tracey at Notes from a Cottage Industry is hosting this online Home Tour. Thanks Tracey for such a fun idea!

I'll be posting new pictures each day until Christmas, so you are welcome to come back often and see what's new.

Each family has not only traditions, but within those they have their own decorating style that makes them happy. Each tradition and style of decorating is so special. I love to see the trees, wreaths, ornaments, cookies and whatever you chose to be a part of your Holiday celebrations. This is our home, and we are very happy to share some of what makes us happy with you.

Because it was a Snowflake kind of year, I made these pretty large snowflakes, all glittered in silver and gold with different images in the center. Family members wanted a couple of them and I decided to use one on a mirror on the living room mantel.

This mantel has kiwi/lime green beads, acorns & ornaments, intertwined with evergreens. There are silver glittered snowflakes and a large crystal one beside the little silver bucket filled with ornaments and lights. The large lime green ornaments were found at Bombay a few years ago and are wonderful for bringing in the same green, and the large mercury glass ornaments from Z Gallerie reflect light in such a beautiful way.

I once found the cutest little glass rabbit ornament for $6. When it was broken I went on a search for another glass rabbit. That began our love of Radko ornaments. The first ones were rather expensive, so there was only one added each year. Then the tree fell down! A few of the Radko's took the fall badly. Should we just stop collecting them. Or....shall we tie the tree to the wall each year. Ah, let's go with the second choice.

One of our favorites for a couple of years was small houses.
This is one of those. Kind of like small doll houses in blown glass.

This time of year, when the work day is done, we often just sit and look at the tree and decorations in the living room. It doesn't matter if the ornaments are new or old, although we do like them to be glass. The heart of our Christmas decorations is always right here, the tree, mantel, a table or two and the Crèche all find their place here each year.

More pictures tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed visiting!
**EDIT: Welcome to those from BooMama's Tour List!
I just saw that one and added my site to it. **


  1. i love your tiny houses...your home is beautiful...blessings, rebecca

  2. Spectacular, thank you for the inspirational tour! Theresa

  3. A feast for the eyes. Thank you for the invitation into your home.

  4. Just breathtaking. I'm so inspired!

  5. Everything is just beautiful. So festive and colorful. Your pictures are a pleasure to browse.


  6. I love all the lime green! Beautiful home, thanks for sharing!


  7. Your tree is beautiful! Your mantle is beautiful! Everything is beautiful! Love the glittery snowflake that you made.


  8. Just stopped by from Boomama's! I LOVE all the decorations! Can you come do my house?!

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Wow!Your house is like a christmas wonder land! I'm amazed! Love your fireplace!

  10. Your tree is beautiful and I too love Radko! I've shed a few tears over ornaments dropped on the hardwood floor. I did notice that it appears that you leave the Radko paper tag on least it looks like it's still attached to the pretty little house. I've always removed the white Radko tag. Do you recommend leaving them attached to the ornament?

  11. Donna, everything is breathtaking! I especially love your is SO elegant and yet unassuming at the same time (does that make sense? :) Your green looks beautiful in your decorations. We love Radko, too, and I felt your pain about the tree falling! (Of course, I say buy more... :) I think that the snowflakes are charming...maybe next year you can stop by and help me put the finishing touches on things!

    I hope that you and your family have a blessed Christmas!

    Love, Andrea

  12. As beautiful as ever Donna...what a treat this evening! I'll be back sometime tomorrow to see more!


  13. You have a beautiful home, Donna! I look forward to a springtime tour of your garden, too!

  14. Your blog is fact, I gasped. Stunning. Surreptious. Spectacular. Silent. Surreal. It's an experience to peruse your posts gone by. I love everything I see. You have the gift of turning what you touch into gold. I am bookmarking this blog because you brought me beauty. I am in a group of women who collect German ornaments for past two decades. Several of us have had or trees of ladden legacy fall. So sorry about the Radko tree---oohhh! Enjoyed your post and can sleep sweet dreams tonight. Thank you for sharing your beauty. Bev #339 on BooMama's Tour

  15. Visiting from Tracey's tour--love your beautiful glass house ornament--those are my absolute favorites! Though I'm partial to most of them. Where do you find yours? I have trouble finding new and different ones at any of the 'regular' (read big box) stores.
    ~Angela :-)

  16. Can we trade houses? Yours is wonderfully decorated for Christmas! Lovely sense of style you have!


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