Monday, December 10, 2007

~Happy Monday, The Winner Is....

Mrs. Wilt ...such a cutie name to use, from The Sparrow's Nest!

Glass Christmas Ornaments, Snowman and Thumper

I really thought there would be no outdoor lights this year. Everyone around here is just overworked this year and even the lights seemed like just more work. So I was not going to let it bug me too much. I didn't even whine a bit about it. But then, out of the blue, Sweet Hubby got out the ladder! So it's not as many as in years past, but at least the icicles are hanging down with dancing lights from the eaves as they usually are.

The inside is still waiting for me! Waiting for the boxes of art stuff to get out of the way, and put away. Which is about any minute now, I keep promising.

When my Sweet Daughter was in high school or early college, she and her best friend came over and wanted to decorate the Christmas Tree. They had a ball, and kept saying....Mom is going to change it. They came in the next day and checked it high and low. I didn't turn the tree around like the episode on "Friends" but I had kind of rearranged. And they noticed every single thing!

This year, I got the lights all on, and yes, Sweet Daughter wanted to decorate. Just to give me some Christmas Time. :) She did an excellent job! But she was sure I'd change things. She came in from work the next day, and I only had to confess changing to ornaments, they just needed the space the other one was in. I actually left it alone!

You cannot image how strange this tale is unless you've lived with a designer who measures everything and almost carries a level on her for a hairclip! I love the tree as it, more because she took the time out of her busy schedule to do it along with me, while I unpacked the ornaments and talked about them all for the upteenth time.

We have been collecting Radko's for over 10 years. Not just for the name but because we love the old fashioned look and quality of them. I know I haven't been shopping much when I realize I haven't bought a new one at all this year.

Wish me luck in my battle with the boxes and messes around here. I am determined to win even if it takes putting a POD in the driveway!


  1. Donna,
    What a sweet family you have!!! And, I love Thumper - one of the cutest ornaments I've seen.

  2. Hooray! I was so excited to see that I won...I never win ANYTHING! LOL Thank you, Donna, for your beautiful and inspiring site. I will e-mail you my address tonight. :o)

  3. Very pretty ornaments, Donna! I love Radko, too (nothing beats those antique molds). I loved hearing the story about your daughter...what a fun tradition to share together!

    xo, Andrea

  4. Oh yes, my hubby didn't put up as many lights as prior years either. Just no time. But, he did do some. . . just not the two tall pines in the front year (which were my favorites, but I understand lack of time.)



  5. Congratulations to Mrs. Wilt! We all decorate the tree together and I have to confess that I always go back the next day a move ornaments around! I love the vintage look of the Radko ornaments - can't wait to see more!


  6. Congratulations Mrs Wilt!

    I will wait patiently to see your tree, Donna. I know how gorgeous it will be!

    We didn't use the Radkos this year. We have a few bought at after Christmas sales. They are beautiful and I love the story behind these amazing ornaments.


  7. I adore Radko's, too. I have 6 or 8 actual Radkos and then a couple dozen knock-offs on my tree. I love blown-glass ornaments in the lovely jewel tones. Just beautiful!

  8. Donna......I was hoping to see your Christmas know I always love seeing your Christmas pics! Your Thumper is adorable!



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