Thursday, December 20, 2007

~Thursday, Christmas Joy 2007 Gingerbread or Pictures?

Although I had fully intended to take the rest of the pictures, yesterday Sweet Daughter called and asked if we could make gingerbread men cookies after she got done with work. Well, of course we can. Since I had no recipe I went searching the internet, settled on a 5 star review and made the dough. I don't eat gingerbread, my chocolate chip cookies are next!

So no picture taking time yesterday. But before I go run errands I snapped a quick one of the wicker chest which holds the table linens in the living room decorated for Christmas.

I usually buy things in three's for Christmastime, because my little family consist of three! So you will see three antique keys, three hearts and three beautiful earth crystals. I love things from nature.
The bird's nest I use often, but always at Christmas. Several years ago Sweet Hubby came running in the house quite excited over his find. A sweet bird's nest tucked way inside the Christmas tree he was trimming to bring inside. I found a tradition on line that it was a sign of goodness to come. How wonderful!

That year I put a couple of birds, one of each of us, and an egg for Sweet Daughter. She was not sure she wanted to be represented by an egg! Funny girl. *Although I did mention it before...She decorated most of the tree this year. I unpacked and talked about each ornament. She humored me and pretended she had not heard it all before. Sweet!

More pictures to come. Have a Happy Day!

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  1. such sweet traditions...makes my heart sing...blessings, rebecca


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