Thursday, December 6, 2007

~Thursday, A Little More Festival Decorations

Here are a few more pictures from the Festival of Trees this year. I still need to go through them and adjust light and resize. I'll post more later.
It's always fun to get a little inspiration from these events. I am eager to see what all of you are doing for your decorations. I love this time of year!


  1. i love the present towers and that tree arch idea...thanks for the ideas...blessings, rebecca

  2. Very pretty trees and decorations! I'm always looking for new ideas.

    I hope that you're enjoying the holidays!!

  3. That tree arch is just spectacular! I enjoyed the pictures - it's always fun to see what new things people are doing with trees.


  4. Gorgeous decorations, Donna! We missed the tree festival in St was over before we knew it was happening. I'm keeping a close watch for it next year.

    I love that arch, wow! And the ladies are so cute!


  5. Love the pictures, Donners. I would love to go to a festival of trees around here...I've never been! Now I see what I've been missing! Very cool. I love this time of year too...I can live vicariously through all you people who get your decorating done early! Ha!

  6. How beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing these Christmas goodies!

  7. That was fun! I wish we had a Festival of Trees here! Thank you for taking us with you each year - I look forward to seeing them - so inspiring!!!



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