Friday, January 4, 2008

~Bearly Awake

We have long celebrated the 12 days of Christmas for years, with very small little gifts, mostly for Darling Daughter. The day went by so fast and we loved making the Holiday last longer. It started with cute little girl things, then new makeup or something small for the teen years, now it's funny grown up things...a cool business card holder, or something other than kid things. I miss the days of little girl stuff, even as I'm so proud of seeing the little girl grown.

There's always a little girl in us isn't there? For a few years I've tried to buy her a new ornament when I found one for the family tree, especially the Radko's which she loves because we have always picked them out together since she was much younger. We tried to chose ones that supported special charities whenever we could find them.

I remember the year we went to the little store that carried the ornaments back when they were harder to find, and we both loved this little Bear in Pink PJ's. The charity was Pediatric Cancer research. We loved the bear and the cause and he has been my favorite each year since.

That was 1996. So when I asked which ornament was her favorite this year, and that was the one, I searched for one for her. The new Bear arrived just in time to be the last gift, and one of the best!

The table is set early for the last dinner of the season. Everything is neatly in place waiting for the Astrologers' Visit. Yes, I saw the one knife in the Christmas Eve photo. You cannot image how proud I was that it didn't bother me an ounce when I saw the picture. I didn't retake it even though the knife had long been turned to conform with the rules as the others were already. I didn't worry about it at all. It's a really good start to the year! The little Bear is barely awake, but I'm working on being totally awake.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!! And Thank Your for your New Year's Wishes!


  1. Donna, I think that's a lovely tradition. I feel like you do that, poof, it's over!, and we certainly enjoy the decorations of families who celebrate the Twelve Days.

    That ornament is so sweet!!

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

    xo, Andra

  2. Hello Donna..hope you are well, this morning. We're on our way to the lake. We planned an earlier departure, but Michelle called at 3:30 AM, to say Drew was in ER with a high fever. He was sent home with antibiotics and is to see his pediatrician Monday. Kim is back in running form and will begin caring for Drew and Gabi again, next week. Whew! Anyway, t'was a short night, so we are making a slow start this morning!

    I love your 12 Days tradition and I love Radkos. The bear is beautiful and what a great gift, for the cause.

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Your blog is lovely! I'll make plans to visit it often in 2008. :)

    Happy New Year to you!

  4. I have a single daughter and we too have many traditions, including January 6, the day the wise men find baby Jesus. We celebrate with a birthday cake. Even though she's 22 she still wants to participate in these events!

  5. Donna,
    I love your tradition. That bear is adorable. I know it's so hard when they grow up. It's still fun only in a different way. We are both big kids anyway. (My daughter and I)
    Have a great weekend!

  6. A beautiful tradition - one I'm sure your sweet girl treasures too. You are such a good mommy Donna.


  7. I have a daughter who's 23. There are times that I miss the little girl days so much. That's when I get out the pictures.

    I didn't notice the knife, until you mentioned it. LOL


  8. oh my daughter will always be my took me 3 boys to get i understand the little gifts between mother and daughter...mde me take a trip down memory lane today...blessings, rebecca

  9. How wonderful that you can continue the family tradition with the bear ornament! Lucky girl. xo


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