Monday, January 14, 2008

~Marie, Liaisons & Twisted, Kudos Ladies!

The new Somerset Studio is fabulous! We all heard about the Marie Antoinette art collaboration of several artists in BlogLand a few months ago. And we got to see a some pictures on their blogs. But the magazine did a fantastic job with featuring their Extravagant Liaisons art collaboration. Congrats Ladies, it's beautiful!

(Edit: Most Somerset magazines , there are many of them, are available at the major bookstores, and craft supply stores, which can be better since you can use your 40% off coupon!)

If anyone is interested in doing a little Marie Antoinette art of their own, I have a wonderful Vintage Wallpaper and Music+ New Paper Kit, Pack on Etsy. It is filled with yummy things to get you started. Just click on the picture to go to Etsy.

Also featured is the delightful art of A Fanciful Twist.
Her work is so enchanting and I think you will enjoy it, too.

I was so happy to hear how many of you are doing as much as you can to help the health of the planet and your selves, too! Publix is opening Greenwise stores, and an anonymous (no name, deleted ) mentioned they shopped at the one open now which is in Palm Beach, Fl. They are redoing their old store in Vero Beach now to change it to a Greenwise. I hope they have one near me soon. I wish them great success.
Kim, so funny they didn't have the cute bags in their 0wn home town! I looked for them this morning, and they were long gone, only the ol' beige and green ones.

Jen, the chair came with that fabric. It has a raised design of the damask and the dots of corduroy on a wrinkled background. I love it and wish I could find just the fabric.

I am going to combine my blog anniversary Give Away with the One Heart Give Away which will start soon. It's a big blogwide event if you remember from last year. Coming Soon! Have a Great Day!

** Thank You! Sweet Andrea for the nice award. Go visit Andrea and find out some more fun things about her! **


  1. I love the new Sommerset, such beautiful articles and works of art. I loved the art by 'A Fanciful Twist''s exquisite.
    I also just got my new copy of Sommerset Life and love the article written by Corey Armando from Tongue and Cheek. I'm glad to see she will be regular contributor to the mag.

  2. I love that new Somerset!!
    Congrats on your award!! Thanks for the tips, I will check out those other blogs.

  3. Hi Donna...I've never seen Somerset. Where can I find it?

    We picked up our "green" bags today. Ours are dark green with a sort of lime print. We also planted a tree, or rather had one planted, that was last week. We recycle. Trying to do what we can.


  4. I'm wondering the same thing about Somerset, Pat. I've never heard of it! Where have I been? Under a rock?!

    I'm disappointed that we don't have a Publix up here in NY. I think they should come up, don't you?

    Love the new papers, Donners. I'm off to Etsy to see what else you have goin' on!

  5. If only Somerset would come to Europe! No doubt Europeans would be interested in the Marie Antoinette Extravagant Liaisons art collaboration. As for Vanessa,I am one of her biggest fans. If you come to Paris, you can visit my small gallery of her work. :)

  6. Got so carried away by thinking about Vanessa's art I forgot to say congrats on your award! And also congratulations on your blog anniversary. Here's to your next year of blogging!

  7. I haven't seen the new Somerset yet buy I'm planning on going to B&N tomorrow so I'll be sure to look for it.

    I wonder if Publix will open one of those stores in the Atlanta area? Their Greenwise section is pretty extensive in the their regular stores so it'll be interesting to see what happens.



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