Wednesday, January 9, 2008

~Some Gentle Wisdom & Kindness in France

As I was leaving the store I saw this magazine and of course what I saw first was that it had something about chocolate right on the front cover of Victoria. But what really made me notice, and buy, was the promise of a French home inside. I didn't even open it, because I wanted it to be Corey's home , and it was! She had posted about the magazine on her site a short time ago. Corey, Tongue in Cheek, is a gentlewoman, living in France, and living a beautiful life that she shares on her blog. Hers one of the first I somehow found and each time her pictures and writing soothe my soul, and a few thousand others as well.

Whenever I see a post from Corey on anyone's site, it is always something so kind and positive. A little gift left behind after being a guest on the site.

The white roses are opening slowing and beautifully. Usually I love plants which are growing more. However I am truly enjoying these lovelies that Sweet Husband got for me, which I picked out.

I've seen a few posts by different people about how they want to change something in the new year. What have you started with? I wanted more quiet, less noise an stress around me. So amusingly enough, each time I've gone out, someone finds me and needs to talk. The lady at the grocery store caught me because I was in the healthy food section. She had just finished a year of chemo and had a really great head of hair again! She amazed me. She was very thankful for the time I took to help her with food items and to just listen. I was much more thankful for her reminder of how precious life is.
And I didn't need quiet, life was better at that moment.

The way you really know a person is to see how they treat others. Read Corey's beautiful post about her hubby. I understand what she means. But that day, her husband was extraordinary.

You can give away kindness and goodness even if you are far from being a saint yet. White roses slowly opening, goodness taking over the world, a nice start to the new year. Thank you so much to each of you who has become such a wonderful friend over this last year. You brighten the day.
PS...Corey has a new column also in Somerset Life! She has a really fun one in the Winter issue about French flea markets. You can tell I'm behind on just sitting and reading a magazine! :)


  1. What a beautiful Blog you have! Such kind words about Corey. She truly is a beautiful person.

  2. now if everyone lived their lives like you and corey...the world would be a much better place...blessings, rebecca

  3. What a sweet and lovely post dear Donna. Beautiful photos too. The flowers are so pretty, as is the precious angel.
    I look forward to a quiet weekend and sitting down to devour my new Victoria! The house sounds like such a pleasure, as does Corey.

    I have spent 2 weeks de-cluttering and re organizing and attempting to simplify our home/lives. It has been an enjoyable journey!


  4. This is a lovely post! And those roses are stunning!

  5. Thank you for the nod and for the loving thoughts. "You can give away kindness and goodness even if you are far from being a saint "
    Honestly I think you are an angel, with that generous heart of yours that gives as it does.

  6. A beautifully written post with beautiful images..and mention of a beautiful spirit Corey whom we all love!
    I also adore white roses and surround myself with them all winter!
    hugs NG

  7. Another beautiful post, Donna.

    I love visiting Corey! Everything you've written about her and Tongue in Cheek is exactly true! She's a beautiful and gifted spirit!

    I picked up this issue of Victoria and took it to the lake. I read it over the weekend and left it there. Now I wish it was here! O well, it will be there when we return and I will enjoy it again.

    I worked on our room, at the lake. Still some things to do, but it's already taking on a feel serenity, which is my goal.


  8. Good Morning....I love your roses.

    As always a sweet post Donna..

    Have a wonderful day,
    Kathy :)

  9. Oh, those roses are so pretty, Donna. Thanks for the heads up on Victoria & an article about Corey. I'll have to make a point to pick one up. I love going to Corey's blog & reading what she is up to in beautiful France. she's a delight!


  10. Hi Donna,
    I love Corey!! I read her blog everyday. I have the Victoria and the new Somerset. She is amazing!!
    It was so nice of you to post about it today. Your post was lovely to read and to see.
    Thank you,

  11. What a beautiful blog! I typed in Bird's Nest at and you popped right up! I am so happy to have found you - Your photos are just stunning my dear - May I add you to my favorite links?
    Thank you for letting me stop by :)
    xo Sherri

  12. Oh Yes!
    Couldn't agree with you more! Corey is truly a treasure, and so are you. Beautiful Post!

  13. =^..^=
    I too like the idea of a year with a little less stress and more quiet times ... and writings of friends in far off places. Absolutely.

    As well, the roses are scrumtious.


  14. Corey is a true and very talented sweetheart and you know what?

    So are YOU.



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