Friday, January 25, 2008

~What, This Old Thing?

I think it was Sweet Husband who found "This Old Thing" while we were out antique and fun hunting. I remember him saying that it sure was in bad shape but he thought I might like to do something with it. After all it was a book about the fabled British legend King Arthur. Fables have been a part of my life since I can remember. King Arthur I didn't discover until maybe high school years, but he and Camelot became a favored fables.

One of our most treasured memories was having the absolute pleasure of seeing the touring play of Camelot....with yes, Richard Harris. I know that there was great reluctance in casting Mr. Harris in the part made famous by Richard Burton, and I guess if had a choice I might have chosen Burton because I would have loved to hear him sing in person, but...... no...maybe, it would have been tough. I had not seen the play on Broadway with Burton, but loved the movie version even though the critics slammed Harris for what they called his lackluster performance. I liked him anyway.

Harris was older by the time we saw him, but it didn't matter to me. He didn't sing as well as Burton of course, but I always thought he brought something else that was uniquely him to the play. Thunder cracked outside and he rolled with the punches and entertained us all. And from a distance I could pretend he was much younger.

So this book, which I forgot to read yet, has been sitting around waiting for me to tear it apart for these wonderful drawings and plates inside. But when I looked at this book with the spine slowly unraveling and showing it's age of more than 100 years, I couldn't take it apart. I might one day, if the exact right project comes along. But today I doubt it. It has all the beauty that I adorn in old buildings, furniture, art & architecture. I even know that's kind of silly. But I hope someone (continues) looks at me that way as I get older, too.

I hope you have a Fantastic Weekend!
Thanks for the lovely comments on Beau. You made him blush!


  1. You should write a book! What a nice memory. I hope you have a lovely weekend also. . .


  2. That is so nice!!
    Have a great weekend yourself.

  3. Wow a hundred year old book. I always wonder who owned it in the past, who turned the pages and gazed at the pictures. I don't think I would have the courage to take it apart, but then again maybe for the right project, just like you said.
    Cheers Linda

  4. Hi, Donna! I got my little treasure in the mail today & it's very, very pretty! I'll have to look around at my frames & see if I have one to fit it. Perfect for a Valentines celebration.

    Thanks again for sharing your talent! Love it....


  5. i love old books...i have missed the new heart design...hugs, rebecca

  6. I could hear the music of Camelot as I read, Donna! Lovely post!


  7. What a wonderful gift! I adored Richard Harris. He was quite something, even as an older man. I still remember him singing MacArthur Park. How fantastic that you got to see him in Camelot!


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