Thursday, February 14, 2008

~ Happy Valentine's Day! OWOH Winners, too

From my home to yours,
Wishing You A Very Happy Valentine's Day!

You know I collect treasures in threes to represent each member of my little family. The hearts and the keys, are in threes on Valentine's Day, too. It's a day to remember all the love you have in your heart including that blaze of very young love, and the embers that burn on so much better and deeper as time goes by.
I was in labor on Valentine's Day with my sweet daughter, so it's not easy to forget her on this day anyway!

I was so happy to meet the wonderful people who joined the One World One Heart 2008 GiveAway! As the list grew, I knew I wouldn't make it to all of the 426, but I sure tried. Thank you to each of you, and especially to Lisa of *Heart of the Nest who gave this idea birth and nurtured it again this year. Wow, it was fun! I even won 2 drawings. I'll show them to you when they arrive.

The Winners of my GiveAway are on the OWOH post
but I'll add them here as well
since it is a part of Valentine's Day!

#1 Pocket Full of Prettys
The first prize
#2 Sandra Evertson
Beau Bunny Print
#3 jenny holiday
Kit Cat Print, Zoe!
#4 Daisy Cottage
Silhouette Print
#5 Maureen
2 ACEO Cards

I hope your day is filled with all that you LOVE!


  1. Congratulations to the winners!

    Happy Valentine's Day, Donna!


  2. A big yeah to all the winners! What beautiful gifts :-)

  3. Donna, you won the One World One Heart giveaway on my blog! Thanks for entering! You can email me your address... my email link is on my sidebar. :)))

    xo Heather

  4. Happy Valentine's Day Donna! Congratulations to the winners of your beautiful art!


  5. Hi Donna,

    What a fantastic email so early in the morning (here in the netherlands ;o))
    I have won, I have won, I really won 2 lovely ACEO's from you........and I love it!

    Thanks Donna!
    It was a joy to look on all the blogs and see al those beautifull things people made.
    I loved it all!!!

  6. Beautiful vignette! Have a lovely weekend!


  7. Congrats to the winners!!
    Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day!

  8. I went to your husband's etsy, I love his painting of his flowers, they are truely beautiful. I am so happy to get one of them. Thanks!

  9. Ohhh Donna!!
    Thank you SO SO much!! My goodness! Aaron and I are just so so happy and excited about taking her home! She truly could be our Miss Zoe's twin. She will hang in a place of honor for sure. We adore her!!

    OWOH is of the most amazing things to happen to blogland!! So so cool!!

    Thank you so much!!!

    Lots of love!
    xoxo Jenny...and Aaron

  10. What fabulous giveaways!! Yes, it was such a fun time and now so many new friends!

  11. Congratulations to all the lucky winners! A fabulous give-a-way!

  12. Donna, I received my package today from the OWOH giveaway. Thank you so much for participating. I love everything, the bunny is adorable & your husband's sunflower is beautiful. Again thank you, Renea

  13. I am in LOVE, I just received my Wonderful Bunny print! I LOVE it!
    Thank You SO much!
    Sandra Evertson

  14. congrats to the winners...i still have my winning piece out...i love it...hugs, r

  15. Congrats to all the lucky winners!

    Oh Donna...I love my Beau Bunny Heart card so I am excited to receive the artist Beau!

    Your work is amazing!! You know I am a big fan!!


  16. ((((Donna)))))

    I LOVE my beautiful art created by YOU - it is gorgeous and means so much to me to own!!! I will be framing it and treasuring it FOREVER!


  17. Yes, today I received the wonderfull ACEO's!!!

    Thank you so much Donna, I love them...


  18. Congrats to your sweet winners! You lucky ducks!


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