Friday, February 1, 2008

~It's a Crazy Thursday..Um No It's Friday!

Before I get any more emails asking where the heck I am, I'd better sign in!

I have been riding along on Beau Bunny's big adventure. I was minding my own business working away, and Beau found a nice friend (Lycheekiss at Etsy) to put him in an Etsy Treasury. He was making a few friends because he actually made it into 3 treasuries at the same time. From there one got picked for the Front Page and the games began. That little bunny dude got about 1,000 hits I think. I had to relist after the first ones sold, so I don't know the exact number. But it's not that important except Beau thought is was all about him! What a silly rabbit. He is now on his way to far off places from Canada to Norway. And of course some very nice locations in the US as well. He is really excited that he found out today he is going to France.

So today I was up to my eyes with bags, boxes, tape and packing supplies.
Fun, but I'm worn out. Beau Bunny however is still hopping around like a young jack rabbit! Here's a snap of "his" Front Page on Etsy.

I will be posting my One World One Heart Giveaway on Monday. Please come back and sign up for it then.

Hugs! Have a Great Weekend!


  1. Yes! He'll make my perfect french Valentine. I'm so fond of him already... During his long journey, I'll spend the waiting time looking for a perfect place for him!

  2. Congraulations to Beau (and you)! I always knew he'd make it big - he's such a charmer!


  3. Ah Beau, I knew him when....

    Congratulations Donna!


  4. The Adventures of Beau...congratulations and I love all the favorite picks. I'm running over to etsy to take a look at what you have. Your items is marvelous!

  5. How fabulous that your Beau is featured in the Etsy treasury...front page!!!

  6. WhooHoo for Beau! He is da man of the day.


  7. Beau certainly is a busy bunny! It sounds like he needs those trips as vacations ;)
    Jen R

  8. Sounds like Beau is now a world traveler.

  9. That is an adorable picture! I think this is such a good idea!

  10. I just showed the Etsy site to my daughter yesterday. She saw your Beau Bunny and just loved him. Now I can tell her I saw the blog of the woman who made him! What fun!


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