Friday, March 7, 2008

~ What Do You Say To A Cute Bunny?

The answer is supposed to be...sorry, I already have most of your cousins!
Instead, some how this cute little trio, well you know, jumped in my cart. It's because there are three. I could have said no, but that little bunny hanging on for the ride just grabbed my hand and in the cart it went. It reminds me of all the bike rides we took when Darling Daughter was little and she rode on the back of her daddy's bike. Long time ago.

I'm posting a picture, just in some way out chance there are any bunny lovers out there. :) Might be one or two. I hope I'm not the only one who has no business getting one more rabbit and did it anyway.

It was a good escape from working for a little while yesterday. This cute, vintage looking bunny trio came from Marshall's. They sure have had some fun things the last couple of years for the holidays.

Some people say they get artist's block, like writer's block. I'm the opposite. I always have way too many ideas and not enough time for them. Especially when I get going with something new. I can't go to sleep because my brain is going a mile a minute. The funny thing is that I'm not doing anything actually new. Instead, like a circle, I've come back to the beginning of my art loves. Looking at my old paintings, drawings, sketches and ideas has been interesting. I love looking at my old self through the eyes of someone who has lived so much more than than that very young woman who belongs to that art.

So the dust bunnies have been dancing while I've been in my art mode. Until right this moment. They have the music up too loud now so I'll have to go get the Swiffer after all and make them turn it down!

Have a Splendid Weekend!
Thanks for stopping by.

PS. Thanks for the sweet comments about my meeting Kim. It was so special. We are only about an hour away from each other. But neither of us likes driving on the interstate to get from one city to the other.
Yep, silly ol' ladies. But Sweet Hubby drove for me. :)