Monday, March 3, 2008

~ Dear Daisy Cottage, I Think I Love You

Hello Sweeties! We've been on vacation for a week and now I have lots of fun things to share with you. I missed so much happening in BlogLand. I'll be catching up instead of sleeping I guess.
I thought I'd add a quick picture of some special treasures I found during the week. I love them all.

Last week we had planned to head up to Savannah, but I kept putting off making reservations because the weather was erratic. Instead we went on small trips almost each day. Although we slept at home, that sure saved some money, we took little trips almost everyday. It would make sense usually to start at the beginning. But I'm going to start at the middle just because it was so dang exciting to me.

I've said it before, but it sure is so much more fun that Sweet Hubby not only likes going on these little trips with me, but he is so wonderful to look and look for fun things in the shops we visit. It was a fantastic week of antiques, junk, food, killer whales and dolphins, old houses, new shops and more. So much more.

We woke up one morning and tossed out some names of cities of drive off to, and Sweet Hubby said let's go west. OK! Let's go. I had not been to this city since doing art shows many years ago, and I no memory of it all. Hubby said it had grown a lot and was not just a sleepy little town anymore. Of course I was looking for the older, still kind of sleepy parts.

After doing a search for antique shops and thrift stores, we plugged in the GPS and went to the first shop, the one I didn't want to miss. It was actually one that I had read about on one of most favorite blogs, you know this one, called Daisy Cottage. Of course you do. The store was so darling, just as dear Kim had described it and posted pictures on her blog (I can't find the post or I would link it for you,) here is Angie's website. It was full of fabulous vintage goodies and Angie was a doll, too.

When I walked in the door, I saw the sweetest, and loveliest lady standing there, and I must have had a smile on my face a mile wide. I told her it was so unfair. I actually knew who she was. Well, it was like we had not seen each other in a long time. Not as if we had never actually met at all!
Yes, Sweeties, I met Ms. Kim, of Daisy Cottage fame! It was totally surreal. There she was, in the very first store I went to visit. She is good friends with Angie so it was not strange she was there at all, just that I was there at the same time. Can I tell you something? It was love at first sight. As much as you think you would love her in person after reading her blog, you would love her more in person.

I could have stayed right there and talked to Kim for hours. But that was not quite what Sweet Hubby had signed up for that day. We needed to go spend some time in the rest of the town. But my Kim encounter was not quite over.

She gave us directions to downtown for food and some shops and we turned the wrong way. Should have plugged the GPS back in I guess. But as we turned, very close by.....we saw the most charmingly beautiful cottage in the loveliest bright yellow! I swear she was calling my name. Come look at me, look at me. There she was, Ms. Daisy Cottage herself. People like to think they look better in person than they do in pictures. I certainly do. But this cottage just shines like no other house in the whole area. I dare say maybe the whole town. :) Every ounce of love that Kim and her darling husband have given this house shows in gleaming glory. that dramatic or what? But it is!! Sheepishly, Sweet Hubby says...can we turn around in the driveway. He was quite smitten with her, too. We did so quickly so no one would think we were cottage stalkers, and waved good bye. I will remember that first glance forever.

OK...I do try never to be so long winded on my blog, but today just needed to be so. Stay tuned for more fun adventures this week.

Have the most wonderful day!


  1. Ooooh! How exciting! I wondered how far you and Kim lived from one another. I'm sure it was love at first sight for her too!

    Hubby and I have vacation next month and another week in May, and we are planning on doing trips like you did. We'll camp some and then we'll do some day-trips, antiquing of course. He is like your husband, loves to go. We love exploring the little towns.

    I am so jealous, I NEVER find keys! I have been looking for some around here. Hubby said just this weekend (we did a little weekend trip) that we are going to have to find some new "spots" to shop!

    You were missed - glad you had such a wonderful time.


  2. Dear Donna,

    YOU are the sweetheart..YOU are a beautiful person inside AND out and you MADE ME SO HAPPY when you walked in to Vintage and introduced yourself. I got to finally meet in person my VERY SPECIAL friend who has been so dear to me. It was like we had known each other FOREVER and just hadn't seen each other in a while. It was such a wonderful moment - I was on cloud 9 for days... you were SO sweet and friendly and not only is your hubby a great sport, he is a cutie too! ;-) It was fantastic to talk to you both - you are an adorable couple. I will never forget that moment of meeting YOU - it was SO SPECIAL. You are amazing Donna!
    'Till we meet again....

    Much love,

  3. Donna - I meant to comment that we love Savannah. Haven't been in a couple of years, it's time for a visit. Do you eat at Lady & Son's? I bet the flowers are pretty right now. Also, I'm not sure where in Florida you are, but are you anywhere near Amelia Island? We just love that place!


  4. Oh Donna lucky you...I just love visiting Kim; I had no doubt she'd be a sweetheart. You both are !!! I wish you had taken a picture of the two of you together...

    Sounds like you had a ball !!

    Kathy :)

  5. How great for you a wonderful week of time spent with hubby & in neat little shops & places. I'm ready for a vacation. Happy yours was so good. Hugs***Renea

  6. What a sweet story! How lucky for you! And how lucky to have an adventurous and supportive husband at your side for all of this!

    Great post, you really made me smile!


  7. Oh, Lucky You!


  8. It's good to see you back, Donna. I look forward to photos.

    Catching up this morning. We just returned from several days at the lake, where we had glorious spring we are under a winter weather advisory!


  9. What a nice story! How wonderful for you both. Two talented ladies meeting for the first time.....

    You picked up some great things!
    Hugs, DebraK

  10. Hi, donna, Wondered where you had been & now I know...Lakeland! How fun that you ran into Kim. I know you both must have been jumping up & down. I'd love to meet you both one of these days!


  11. How great is that!!!
    What a fun experience!!
    You are a lucky girl!

  12. OH MY WORD!!! What a dream come true. xoRachel

  13. oooooohhhhhhh, lucky you to meet dear sweet Kim~~~and to see her adorable cottage! I hope you were able to take pictures!
    xxxooo Holly

  14. Oh wow! 2 of my favorite bloggy people in one room! : ) I know you were both so happy to meet one another. What a blessing.

    I am so happy you had such a wonderful time!


  15. OMGosh....all I can say is


  16. How nice to meet thelady that you read and make friends with here in blogland! Sounds like you had a great time,loved reading through your post, happy easter to you and your family

    Priscilla x

  17. That is such a great story! I told my daughter the other day that I feel weird running to the store in sweats and no makeup now because I'm afraid someone who reads my blog will recognize me so now I can tell her stuff like this really does happen....okay well I'm not famous like Kim but still...

    I think everyone who reads Kim's blog would love to meet her, she seems like such a sweetheart!

  18. Oh My Goodness!
    What a thrill to run into Kim from Daisy Cottage!
    I can hear the chitchat now between you!
    How much fun!
    Delighted to find your blog...through Daisy Cottage!

  19. That is so awesome! The chance meeting with Kim AND the house was meant to be.

  20. What a wonderful story!! Oh such fun to meet and have a chat! Hope all else is right in your world...I am off to catch up woith you some more!

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