Thursday, March 13, 2008

~ Hey! Does that Bunny Have a License to Drive?

For some of you bunny lovers and Beau lovers ♥, I thought you would get a kick out of this new card with Beau. Yes, that's Beau Bunny himself driving with his Girlie Bunny delivering Easter Eggs. That Bunny cracks me up!

I'd like to give out some Thank Yous! Each of the winners of the One World One Heart GiveAway from here on my site ( Renea, Pocket Full of Prettys , Sandra Evertson, Jenny Holiday, Kim at Daisy Cottage, Maureen) went out of their way to way thank you, feature their gifts on their blogs. So kind, I hope you visited their blogs from the links. And Sandra Evertson was so sweet to send me a return thank you gift. You did know she has written some great books for artists and crafters didn't you? Just check them out on Amazon or the book stores. Another great way to own them is to check our Michael's and Joann's and use those coupons so you can buy more. :)
I already had a couple of Sandra's books, but was so lucky she sent me one that I didn't have. Such kindness in BlogLand!

Also during OWOH I won a gift from Heather , Pretty Petals, a wonderful package of vintage wallpapers and goodies. So pretty! You can visit her site and shop to see more.

If you visit Jenny's Everyday is a Holiday, you might have seen Ms. Kit Cat over there. She certainly looked at home! So funny to see her over at Jenny's enjoying all the glitter and homemade cakes and goodies.

Have A Great Day!


  1. Such a cute picture and a kind thoughtful post. xoRachel

  2. I love the bunny, Donna.

    I came by to tell you, I finally got around to framing your husband's art print. It's gorgeous, by th way! The frame is gold with a sort of copper undertone and the mat is cream with a light brown undermat. Perfect for the print. I have it hanging in the powder room, where the stack of small mirrors used to be. It looks like it was made for that room. Will take a photo and post it sometime soon.


  3. Soo cute!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Congrats to all your winners! Jenny's great isn't she??

    Happy Easter early!!

  5. I love Beau Bunny, and happier even that I have my very own Beau Bunny!! Love the little card of the 2 delivering Easter eggs. Hugs***Renea

  6. Oh Donna...I love this card!!! I'm heading over to purchase right now.

    The painting your husband did that Pat has posted on her blog is wonderful.

    Have a Happy Easter!

  7. What cute little bunnies...I think their headed for a drive in the country side.

  8. Hey there Donnerama! I haven't been by for a while, it seems, and here you are with another Beau Bunny creation! Too cute. You're getting me inspired for Easter. In fact, I think I have a couple cute little ceramic Easter houses for a mini-village. I should pull those out right now! :)

  9. Good Morning Donna,

    I love that picture so cute.

    Happy St Patrick's Day.

    Kathy :)

  10. too cute...i have missed so much lately...thank you for being so supportive...hugs and happy st. paddy's day...rebecca

  11. I came across your blog today and I am in awe. I love your decorating style. I couldn't believe it...yellows, touches of black, harlequinn, even pheasant feathers here and there...I love it!!! It is so nice to find a blogger that has so many of the same tastes as myself. I will definatley be back often. Paula

  12. I just bought one of your mr. bunnies on Etsy, I love him and have a perfect place for him to hang all year long! :)


  13. Cute bunny card, Donna! Hope you have a wonderful Easter.


  14. Donna,
    Enjoyed visiting with you....precious card....Happy Easter....Betty

  15. Miss your posts! Hope you and Beau have a wonderful, blessed Easter.


  16. Love those bunnies. I hope you had a nice Easter.
    Hugs, DebraK


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