Friday, April 18, 2008

~ The Jadite Queen, It's Her Fault

Don't you love the color and look of vintage Jadite? Me, too. When I saw it years ago, it was quite inexpensive but I wasn't as interested in it back then.

Some lucky people started buying several years ago, before the Jadite Queen showed off her collection. Jadite was sometimes given away free and was often used in restaurants because it was so cheap and durable. Of course it's not free these days. Ever since the J.Queen starting displaying her huge collection on the TV shows and in her magazine, Jadite has become more expensive.

On one of our last trips to Sanford, FL. we stopped in a shop that has rows and rows of cabinets filled with dishes and glassware. We really fell in love with a little vase up there in the middle, a tulip style vase. So pretty, but I didn't really "need" it. Nonetheless I do enjoy the collections he has in his shop.

He told us about when he had his shop further south several years ago and a guy kept coming in to buy his Jadite pieces and came in every time he found some new pieces. And he bought plenty. This man moved somewhere north and continued to contact the shop owner asking for specific pieces. Finally he had most of wanted he wanted. Well, actually he then told the owner that he had all that "she" wanted. You guessed it, the "she" was Martha herself.

I guess more than a few people have blamed him for supplying Martha with so many great pieces which she of course has displayed so beautifully, and since then prices have soared. It's all Martha's fault he says, he just sold her the pieces, she made them desirable.

His dog didn't seem to understand the big deal of it all. It was just a bunch of glass and dishes. This was as worked up about Jadite or anything else that he got.

My Sweet Daughter chose another house. A newer one which needs close to no work. Maybe just a nice glazed white finish on her kitchen cabinets. She seems to think she knows someone who can do it for her. :)
It's a rebound decision after facing how much money and work the older house needed. More than she could do for sure. But I think she will learn to love this one once it is her own.

Thank you all so much for your good wishes for her house hunting!


  1. That Martha! What a wonderful shop! I'm glad your daughter found another house. I wonder who she found to glaze those cabinets? ;-)


  2. So happy to hear about your daughters house decision, it is hard to take on a house that needs lots of work, there is just never enough money!!! Congradulations to you all, it is so awesome when our children are happy and doing well...Blessings, Donna Lynn

  3. I LOVE how you unravel a story Donna - and this one was no exception! How cool is that to know where Miss Martha got her jadite?!
    Please tell Krista how happy I am for her AND you.. you girls are going to have so much fun!

  4. I am so happy she found a house, Donna! When you two are finished it will be exactly perfect! I hope we get to see some progress photos!


  5. Oh, that's great news about the house for your DD, I know it will be fun fixing it up too & she can really personalize it.

    And I loved the Martha story too. I don't own any Jadite, but it is pretty.

    I'm coming back down your way the week of the 28th, so save a day!


  6. It's all Martha's fault!!
    I actually have a few pieces I bought years ago. I have a creamer and sugar with the original labels.
    Glad to hear about your daughter's house.
    Have a great day, and thanks for sharing that amazing shop with us.

  7. Hi Donna,

    So happy for your daughter hmmmm I wonder who'll help with the

    Great Martha story, very interesting !!! I don't own any.

    Take care,
    Kathy :)

  8. I am so happy for your daughter...and where in the world did she find someone who can do that glazing?? I wonder...

    I love that shop and the shop doggie.
    He reminds me of the shop doggie that lived in my favorite antique place in Illinois. Her name was Sadie and she was 16 when we moved back to Ohio.
    She was a sweetheart. When Bill and I were back last year, we stopped by the shop. New sweet and the owners remembered us. Sadie lived to be 18 and died peacefully.
    I have no idea why I am rambling to you about this! : )

    Have a sweet weekend dear Donna!


  9. Donna, what a fascinating story! You know how to tell one, too!


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