Thursday, April 3, 2008

~ Lots of Love, Locks of Love

She was a beautiful little girl. Funny how you don't quite realize things like that when you are just working so hard day to day. By the time she was two years old, she had the sweetest lovely hair that just curled on the very end. Right about 2 1/2, she decided to get a haircut. And she did, all by herself. Just a little pair of scissors and her own little hands. She neatly put the pretty strands of hair in her toy drum. I cried and cried. She was a punk baby! One side of the front was so short it just kind of flipped up, and then there were some long strands left on the other side. I remember her hugging me & patting me on the back as I sat on the floor, telling's OK Mommy.

A few days ago, she went to the hairdresser to get her long hair cut. Very short. Short enough to have a ponytail to send off to "Locks for Love."
She had been talking about doing this for awhile and she finally took the time to let her hair grow long enough to do it instead of going in for her usual trims. It's only hair, she said, it grows back on me. Not on little girls who are going through chemo.

I cried, but to myself this time. Not because her hair was all cut off again. Because of the beauty of her soul and the kindness of her spirit. But it did remind me of the funny episode of her doing her own hairdo so many years ago.

Thanks so much for your well wishes for sweet daughter's hunting. It has been a really difficult and agonizing time. The house she had a contract on had lots of problems, including termites, bad electrical, wood rot, air conditioning defects & mostly no working appliances. It has been heartbreaking to see her go through this. Kind of like ending a bad marriage to someone you love a lot.

There were ducks nearby. She really loves baby ducks. As you can see from the picture she has been crazy about baby ducks since she could walk. She canceled the contract yesterday, and this time it was me telling her it would be OK. I know it will be, but it sure hurts to see your daughter go through these things in life. I'm just thankful it wasn't a defective husband she was canceling. Really. :)

I'm not sure if she is willing to pursue this any further. At the moment we are both worn out from all the running around and stress. It doesn't look repairs are going to made correctly and would have to be done over again. And of course, I'm sure there is another house out there for her. Most likely not with water and ducks in the backyard though.

If you know anyone who would like to donate a ponytail here is the website address. Locks of Love


  1. What a sweet and tender post!

    Hugs to your daughter!


  2. Grace just had her hair cut today and is sending the pony tail to Locks of Love! Hugs to your sweet is very special.

    I know there is a house out there that is perfect for her. She will find it...and the ducks will be there. You wait and see.


  3. Donna, I'm sorry to hear you both are having a stressful time, with house hunting. I'm sending positive thoughts, your way, that "the" house will be found.

    I love that photo. What a sweet girl!

    Your daughter is a sweetheart for donating her hair. Xanti has donated her hair a few times. It's a wonderfully caring thing to do.


  4. I have been enjoying your blog for several months. This post especially touched my heart. I recently lost my 41 year old sister to cancer and she left behind an 11 year old daughter and 13 year old son. Her now 12 year old daughter is growing her hair long so she can donate it to locks of love in memory of her mom - my sister.

    Hugs to your daughter for her thoughtfulness! I hope blessings come her way in finding her new home!

  5. How sweet of your daughter, Donna! What a thoughtful thing to do. I hate that y'all are having such a hard time to with house hunting. It looks so easy on TV!

    Kim & I had a ball, as you can well imagine. I do hope to meet up with you next time I'm down here, which most likely will be week after next. We can come to you this time, so think about that!

    Have a good weekend,

  6. Such a sweet photo! Sorry about the house, but it's all for the best. I'm sure she'll find another one at some point and she'll be glad she didn't buy this one.

    Hugs to her,


  7. LOVED this post, little ones and hair always a story there and for some reason it always includes a holiday !!!

    Everything happens for a reason, that was just not her house...her house is out there she just has to find it....we were told that when we were looking for our first house. It seemed we would never find it and then one day low and behold there she stood.

    Lovely post Donna,
    Kathy :)


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