Tuesday, June 24, 2008

~ New "Baby" & New Art

Still in the middle of all the "cracked eggs" and trying to make that omelet, or in plain talk get organized!
I need to figure out what to do with the closet in Sweet Daughter's room so I can store art supplies in an organized and pretty way. Not sure what, yet. The newly uncluttered boxes and bundles are making their way into that room anyway.

So here is the new "baby" who isn't actually ours. But we are in love, too.
He belongs to DD's best guy pal. Even Sweet Hubby has asked a few times if I'm going to buy a dog, exactly like this cutie! Sweet Daughter gets some visitation rights. :) So puppy has been visiting while his daddy is working or whatever. I have never seen a puppy who is so good!

And then a little new art. A new ACEO in the Madonna series. I'm still enjoying making these a lot. Hope your day is a good one!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

~ An Omelet In My Living Room

A couple of years ago after a more major illness and surgery, I totally stopped caring about impressing anyone. Before I used to say, I'll get this place so sparkling clean my mother could walk in the door at anytime. Now I couldn't care less. Even if it was my mother, who likes it spotless, she would just have to see mess or dust bunnies. However, the opposite has happened after this little slow down....

Oh I still don't care to impress a soul, BUT I am crazy about not wanting one ounce of clutter. I had thought about it before and made some feeble attempts, but look out dust bunnies. I'm coming for ya'!

However, the art I love creates so much clutter while I'm creating it! I've always known that. Guess what...it's true you have to break eggs to make an omelet. And the one I made last night was delicious. Whoops off subject. That contributes to the clutter, too. Anyway, in order to get things organized I now have given away the sofa and table that was in the living room to Sweet Daughter and can you guess what I replaced it with? The biggest mess you have ever seen. :) I am going through every single box and bag of supplies and organizing and tossing out. I LOVE taking bags to Goodwill, but that was mostly clothes and that's done. Now it's time for tossing out what will not be used. It feels great! Not looking at the mess, but getting it organized. I can actually find the papers, crystals and skeleton keys. Other things I still can't find, but I'm getting there. Then some days I think I'll just get rid of all of it. Right now it does look like someone was cooking up something in the living and they had to break some "eggs" to do it.

To keep it light and not feel like too much work, I took Oprah's advice and I'm reading her latest book choice, "Pillars of the Earth" and doing a little art, too.

This one has been in my mind for a while and I'm so happy to get it done.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
If you or loved ones are in the bad weather,
we are all thinking of you and praying for you!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

~ A Few More Houses

Let's finish that walk with some more pictures.

Pat, I'm happy to hear that you really liked that gray house in the last post. I actually took the picture for some inspiration for Sweet Daughter's new house. She (we) really don't like the color but it is newly painted and it would cost bunches to redo it. I know the older one has more charm, but we can add some of that! :)

(Daughter's New House)

The next picture is a cute bungalow on the same street as the last photo in the previous post. You can see what a great mix of styles and sizes are in the neighborhood. That has to be one of the best things about older areas.

Then another bungalow and more homes that make for nice sightseeing while you meander around.

Thanks for stopping by.
It's always a pleasure to see you and read your comments.

Monday, June 16, 2008

~ Come Walk With Me

I love seeing houses in older neighborhoods in different towns. While out walking, or rather strolling, I took some pictures. Even small dogs walk faster than I do yet, but it's much better than the hobble around the block a short time ago.

This neighborhood is one that I love to walk around. Most of the homes are older with a few in-fills. Some done very well, some just way too big as always happens when the new ones push out the old ones. The last one is a newer house, beautiful architecture.

Blogger is being really slow uploading today, so I'll post a few more in the next post.

Enjoy your walk.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

~ Friday, What A Beautiful Day

As you can see from the title, the sun must be shining on my tiny part of the world. We even had rain the other day, which is a big deal with how dry it is here. The weather has been so bad in some places, I'm a bit worried about doing any rain dances or it might bring hail, winds and tornadoes. Some of that rumbled past us to the north. The rain was really great though.

Thank you all again for your continuing kind notes, messages and emails. I'm trying to be patient and not overdo. It might have been easier if I could have planned a nice little laparoscopic instead of the open kind, but I'm really thankful anyway. Another scar to remind me of how precious life is. They don't bother me at all, after they are healed.
I have been working on a series of ACEO
(Art Cards Editions and Originals) like the one above. It is number 3. It is good to be able to finish even something small. This time I was able to make some copies as well. They turned out really nice.

I hope your weekend is a happy & healthy one!

Monday, June 2, 2008

~ Rabbits Love Carats, Etsy

The Etsy Treasury opened just as I was checking in today, so I grabbed a new and Beau jumped in, too. I don't think I've used one of my own items before, but he just fit in so well.
It's a lovely day here. Hot, but it is a wonderful day anyway.