Wednesday, August 20, 2008

~ Musical Rugs

Even with all the rain and wind of Fay, the UPS man still delivered the rugs I had purchased on Ebay. They came from the same seller that I bought the one in the living room from, which is my favorite rug. But the one for the studio might move to the top of the list. I really love it. The living room one came in 2006, so I was only hoping to find one something like it now years later. The new one is not quite as lime green, but still goes perfectly in the room. I was actually looking for one for Sweet Daughter's bedroom. But these just kind of popped up.

One of the rugs is for the living room. What? Well went like this...

The larger new one went in the living room so...
The one in the living room is now in the dining room and is perfect.
The one in the dining room is now in the bedroom. And it is really great there.
The one in the bedroom is now in the family room. :)

So where is the one that was in the family room?
On it's gone to Sweet Daughter's house. It has a little more brown in it, and it was a good buy on Ebay when I found the others, so it was an "in the meantime" kind of thing. It will be so pretty in her bedroom which is blue and brown.

A happy ending to the musical rug game. See you soon!


  1. Very pretty Donna. Can't wait to see more!

  2. The one in the photo is gorgeous! As is that blue and gold dresser! How nice to have hardwood floors to decorate with such gorgeous carpets.

    Oh, oh, oh! I was just scrolling down to see if there were more carpet pics and saw the post where you painted that dresser! I love that the color was inspired by Tiffany bag.

  3. Looking forward to seeing more! Would you be willing to share the ebay seller's name? I am also looking for rugs, and I love yours.

  4. I'd also love to know the ebay seller if you don't mind sharing.

    Can't wait to see the whole room - the little tidbits are killin' me! LOL


  5. HI Donna! The rug is perfect. I love the colors and these hints of your room are great!

    I'd love to know the name of your seller. I've only used the one recommended by Jan at GI a couple of years ago. I've never been disappointed in his rugs, but his supply is dwindling.

    It would be great knowing another seller. If you like, e-mail me.

  6. Hey Donna! I'm glad you found me...'cause now I found you!(and, naw...only started blogging less than a month ago...still all new)

    Are ya dry? This has been one sopping wet flooded week!

    LOVE that rug...looks a bit tribal. Put me on the list of "love to know the dealer".

    It was great to hear from I think I'll stay awhile and check out your blog for a bit!

  7. Thinking of you Donna hope FAY moves along soon.

    Things look like they are coming along nicely....

    Take care,
    Kathy :)

  8. What a beautiful rug. The colors are so pretty.

  9. What a beautiful blog - very inspirational.... I'm lucky to have stumbled upon it.

    I loved ther inspirational board and the chest you painted a beautiful blue to match the tiffany bag.

    And the pile of magazines make me laugh! As a certified magazine'aholic myself, I always have piles just like yours LOL !



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