Friday, August 22, 2008

~ Rain, Rain Go Away.. Rug Seller Info

It's a bit stressful down here. Sweet Daughter's new house has water coming in her bathroom and bedroom, like at the foundation or bottom of the wall. We have all been working non-stop trying to keep it from doing as much damage as it certainly could. I wish I could find someone else who has had this experience. The guy who inspected the house before she bought it is supposed to come out and at least look and see if he can give any information to help.

This was a "vacation week" for Sweet Hubby, so he has spent it digging a trench outside to divert water... which has helped. Who knows! It has rained non-stop since Monday, and is a a little light now. Thank God! But we still have more rain for days to come. I thought my old roof might be a problem, NOT her newer house. So no sleep for me and I'm dragging.

I am happy to share the information on the rug with you all. I know I spent so many hours over the years wondering who you could trust with a large purchase like that on Ebay. This seller has been good for me. I was looking for Chobi or Agra because I like the colors in these. He calls the Chubi. The ones I have purchased so far have been Indo, made in Indian and either Agra or Chubi (Chobi.)

The rug seller on Ebay is a pretty large operation. They go by different names. I think they are mainly out of Canada. When you view any of the rugs there will be a list of their other stores on the right hand side.
ECG Canada
ECG Europe
ECG Select
ECG Liquidation and a couple more.

The colors are usually pretty accurate. Mine have all been new rugs, I haven't purchased older ones from them.

Thank so much for the kind words and emails. Of course this will all go away. And I'm praying the cost will not be horrible to fix all this mess. It could be worse and we know it from seeing the 20-26 inches of rain just SE of us.

So, Thank You again for your concern, it is greatly appreciated.


  1. Donna, I've been thinking of y'all during this whole Fay mess. I'm so sorry! I hope it dries out soon, and y'all can get things back to normal. (((Donna)))

  2. Thank you for the rug info Donna! I didn't realize the rain situation was so bad! (Can you tell I don't watch much tv? LOL)

    I'm so sorry your daughter is having this problem, hope ya'll can get it solved soon. I had to call a motel in Savannah this morning regarding some billing for work and the person I needed to talk to hadn't been able to make it in yet because of the rain, so I guess it's moving their way.

    We are so very, very dry, I would gladly take some of your rain if only we could. I think today is the 22 day with no rain and still very hot.

    Take care and hope you can get rest soon.


  3. I'm sorry about the mess your daughter is dealing with. We've been "harrassed" by Fay for days now and I'm getting tired of it, to be sure. The gate on my backyard fence just blew off an hour ago...this wind just won't stop! That is a FABULOUS rug...thanks for the info on where to buy one of my own!

  4. That is one gorgeous rug! So sorry to hear about all the water troubles. What a way to spend a vacation! Hoping it's all resolved soon.

  5. Hey Donna,
    I'm just south of you in Polk Co girl. Sorry to hear about your daughter's water problem. I work at a construction supply co. and asked the guys what would cause water to leak like that. They told me that most likely the foundation was not sealed on that part of the house while it was being built. There is some kind of sealer that must be used. In fact one of our guy's neighbor's had the same prob and they had to remove all the soil down to the foundation to seal the concrete. They followed up with putting some type of felt as a additional barrier. If the house is new the builder should be responsible for getting that all taken care of. I would call them and raise a ruckus! We keep getting those rain bands down here so I know you guys have it worse today than we did earlier this week. Good luck to you, hope Fay goes away for good one day! Today is the 1st day we saw a patch of sun since last Sunday. Keep us posted on how your daughter makes out.
    Warm Regards!

  6. Donna,
    Sorry to sound so stupid, I need to clarify the sealing. It's the actual concrete blocks that sit on the foundation that need to be sealed. There used to be a sealer called "Seal-Krete" that could be purchased at any home improvement store. You will need to dig down to the foundation to apply this if that is what the problem is. I hope your inspector can point you in the right direction to resolve this nightmare!

  7. Hi Donna, I've been in and out this week. I've had you on my mind and was telling J about what is going on, today. I just read this post, to him.

    I hope the rain stops soon and things can be fixed at your daughter's new home!

    Thank you so much for the rug info!

    Don't worry about sending the Madonna, right away, I totally understand!

    Hope your weekend goes along OK!

  8. Oh my goodness, your poor daughter. We had a problem like that before and found that the driveway was not pitched correctly so the water was draining back towards our old house and at the base of the home.

    Nightmares homes can become, nightmares!!

    Good Luck!!




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