Thursday, September 11, 2008

~ Fall & Halloween Decorating

Friday~ For the next few weeks, I will be having a Give-Away, one or two or three....
They will be for a Halloween Print from my shop. Stop by the shop and tell me which prints are your favorites. And I will choose the Halloween Give Aways for the ones you like best.
Have a Safe & Happy Weekend,
and Special Thoughts & Prayers for the Gulf Area.

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I love Fall. Doesn't everyone?
After looking for older posts and pictures of Fall & Halloween to answer some emails, I thought it would be nice to just create a couple of new posts and put some of the pictures all together. Then you don't have to search around.

This is my metal basket that is decorated for the front door. It looks different this year, but here is last year. I'll snap a new picture and post it, too. The basket is wonderful to decorate. I have two different ones, this one above, and I black open lattice one. I just realize I might need to make another one white. :)

The mantels are one of my favorite places to decorate for the seasons. The beautiful pumpkin picture is a print that I bought at one of our great art shows here. It is not so much a challenge to decorate it each year, as it is to not buy more things and keep changing it because it is so much fun!

Usually Fall decorating starts in Sept. Not too much, but just enough to remind me of the season and the promise of the cool changes to come. Then I keep out pumpkin related things and add the Halloween goodies.

Last year Home Goods and Marshall's had such a great selection of vintage inspired Halloween decorations like the fun guys above. Aren't the cute? Each year it seems to get better. Fun, but I have trouble resisting! The day after Halloween, all of that is put away, and then I do a bit more for Fall. It gets you so in the mood to enjoy all the beauty of the Holidays ahead.

The Kitty Pumpkin was found at Marshall's 2 years ago, then I found another one last year! I think I bought it, but I won't know until I unpack the Fall boxes! Old vintage silver, newer candle holder and glass vase.

Yes, the Pumpkin head in the shoe came from Home Goods! They are my favorite stores for this reason. They have the goods!

So I shared with you some of my finds from years past. I've gotten asked about them often so I thought I'd post it here. I have sometimes found a similar item the following year. If you saw something you like, happy hunting to you!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of Fall & Halloween decorating from me. It is my favorite time of year to visit old and new friends around BlogLand to see what they are up to as well.

See ya' soon! (Blessing of the year(s)...the roof is DONE!)


  1. It all looks wonderful and I love your pocket on the front door - can't wait to see what you did this year! That's so funny that you think you bought another cat but won't know till you open your fall box - me too! I know I bought some things on clearance last year at TJMaxx but for the life of me I can't remember what!! It'll be a nice surprise.


  2. Ha ha add me to that list, sometimes I don't remember UNTIL I open the box. Oh well I like a surprise

    Lovely decorations Donna you always do such a nice job.

    Have a great week,
    Kathy :)

  3. I always love what you do for Fall and Hallowe'en, Donna! It's all fun and beautiful, too!

  4. Donna, you have the best displays ever! I always enjoy your door.

  5. Oh yea! Autumn decor inspiration. I really like the manrel.

  6. oh all of your sweet Halloween Treats really get a girl In The Mood !

    Loving your prints and so inspired by them.

    I have not been here in a long while (bad me)

    So many delights and that Banner is A Beauty !

    I am off to scroll around here and look a little more - what a nice Saturday Morning Wake up THIS IS !


  7. P.s. I see you mentioned ROOF DONE and then Hurricane Season down below

    ohhh thank goodness it's done !

    We got ours done two years ago ? I can't remember now, but the day after - it poured like we had not seen in years. I was SO HAPPY to have that new sturdy beeeautiful roof on ! So I feel your happiness with that and say YAY with you.

  8. Wonderful autumn decorations! I love the little lady stick pin!


  9. I love fall, even our version of it - and I always love your seasonal and holiday displays... they are so artfully created but they are LOVINGLY created too. That is what makes them so extra special.


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