Saturday, October 18, 2008

~ Ravens Welcome You to Halloween GiveAway, Decorating & Blog Party Time!!

Halloween Blog Party!!
Click on link above or below &
you will go to
A Fanciful Twist Blog
where you can find all the links.

Now Let's Celebrate!!

My Halloween Pictures, 2008 & 2007
Click Here

The Ravens have been very nice about letting the Spiders have a Holiday. They are not so welcome the other times of the year. I dare not tell the Ravens that they too are not going to stay as house guest year round. They will miss the mirror. At the moment one of them is guarding my Snickers. Very kind of him, he thinks. I'll be keeping an eye on him though. I do need to have some left for the little trick or treaters, and me of course.

As you come in the door of this little cottage of a house, there is an wrought iron table with a black marble top. Besides the mantels, this is my favorite place to do a little seasonal decorating. Come in and sit a spell. But be aware that a spell may happen upon you as well. A spell that says Welcome! And yes, you may have a Snickers.

To help Celebrate this fabulous
Halloween Blog Party Event,

I'll be giving away one of my
Chandelier Prints.

Post a Note HERE
and the Winner will be
chosen Thurs OCT 23rd.

How-To for my Monogram White Pumpkin.
I used 3 different patterns, two frame/flourish designs, and the C monogram,
and combined them in PhotoShop for the final image.
I then made a transfer and glued it to the pumpkin. :)


  1. I've stolen away a few frightful moments to visit your beautiful blog. Isn't the party spectacular? Your decor is awe inspiring.

  2. Your post is spellbinding indeed and those ravens are doing a fabulous job hosting and greeting all of us party goer's. Love your new print so lovely and spooky and beautifully done!!! So long friend, I must be off to sample more party treats.

  3. I'm Blog Hopping from Vanessa's "A Fanciful Twist" Party <{:O)
    OMWings- that chandelier is to.die.for! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! And thanks for sharing the monogramed pumpkin trick. I will give that a try!
    Stop by my place too... I'm having a couple of give-aways!
    Have a bootiful day!
    Be Enchanted!

  4. Hello! I love that chandelier!!! Very nice to meet you here at the party!!!! THis is a most wonderful giveaway!! Be sure to enter my giveaway as well!!!

    Happy Halloween

  5. The whole entrance hall scene is just beautiful.

  6. Beautiful decor.
    Your chandelier print is fabulous!

  7. I like your decoration in your entrance !

    Mine is also quite black and white this year and I have to admit I like it a lot.

    I really like your chandelier print !
    I would look great on a transparence on a mirror too !

    If you like ravens, feel free to visit my blogpost about this party !!... I have a give-away...

    greetings from belgium


  8. Beautiful halloween post! I love your decoration...and the print!!!!!

  9. Happy Halloween!

    Loved your stylish party!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  10. Love your decorations.

    Happy Halloween.

  11. Well yum, Snickers are my favorite! Love your halloween decorations. Maybe I can get my daughter to do the Monogram for me she's such a Photoshop wiz (unfortunately I'm not) :-)


  12. Love the entry way beautiful! And thanks for the Snickers...its my fave! : D


  13. Wonderful decorations and lovely chandelier. Happy Haunting,

  14. Hi Donna,

    I love your Halloween decorations! I'm passing an award I received today on to you. You can go to my blog to read the directions. Have a blessed day.
    Lisa @ Simply Blessed Bliss

  15. Your entryway was defintly more Samantha than Endora. Thanks for sharing the monograming how-to. Debbie

  16. Good to see you and some ravens at the party. I think I will have a Snickers if you don't mind.

    Love that Raven print too by the way.

    Enjoy the party.

  17. oh yes add me to the pot ..thank you for the halloween party peek!

  18. Your entry way is just wonderful and spooky too!

  19. Great decor in the entry, love it. And love that chandelier print. mishelle

  20. I love that chandelier print and the fleur de lis pumpkin! Just my style. Boo to you!

  21. Lovely Event! Today we have had our tea and boo party and visited you and Vanessa's Parties! Tomorrow = more!
    Thanks for having us!
    The chandelier print is so devine~I shall keep my fingers crossed!
    Boos and eeks!

  22. Your Halloween party is quite elegant and spooky all at the same time.

  23. Your decorations are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy nightmares,
    Daydreamer :)

  24. What an incedible entry way display!! I love it!! Inspiring for sure!! Cackle Cackle!!

  25. Stunning entry!!

    I totally love this post.

    Ravens are the best ..I see you would agree. For your giveaway...I hope it is me!!

    Happy Halloween!

  26. Hi Donna,

    Oh I love coming by for your Halloween decos you do such a nice job. SNICKERS my fave, sorry I took 2 lol !!!

    Kathy :)

  27. Great decorations! I love the display!

  28. Ohhhh. how lovely! I love the black & white. classic - so - I popped over to say thanks for visiting my blog... to stop in on your lovely party and have immediately fallen in love with the bandito bunney! I must, must must have him... off to go shopping! taa taa! hee hee hee!
    Happy all things spooky!
    Tracey J.

  29. I love the Gothic black and white
    decorations! You have some really
    super ideas for Halloween decorations! Happy Halloween Party!
    Would love to win the print!

  30. Love the black and white decorations, and the monogrammed pumpkins. The chandelier print is lovely! How fun!
    Happy Halloween!

  31. Love the black and white display!
    Happy Halloween!

  32. Your work is wonderful, thank you for participating in the party. Stop by my blog, we are having a giveaway too! Happy Halloween...Ramona

  33. Wow! Such gorgeous decorating. I love the monogrammed pumpkin...thanks for sharing the how-to's.

    Thanks for inviting us all in for this fabulous Halloween fete.



  34. What a wonderful entryway! Just stunning...
    Love your monogram pumpkin too!

  35. What a wonderful entryway! Just stunning...
    Love your monogram pumpkin too!

  36. Oh, I didn't know this was your chandelier prints. I have it posted on my blog for the halloween party! I really like this halloween print! It's neat. Have a nice day! Daisy~

  37. Sorry I'm late in dropping by! It's taking me awhile to work myself through the party list!
    you have a wonderful blog!
    Feel free to stop by to say Hi! I'm having a fun give away!

  38. Love your choice of colors.......such and elegant affair. I need to get out my old prom dress.

  39. Beautiful print.
    I'm only half-way through the party myself.
    If you stop by I'm having a give-away too.
    It's been fun meeting so many artistic and creative people.
    Wish you could come decorate my home.

  40. I love how you have made your Halloween decor so elegant. I love the black pumpkins and that gorgeous print of the black chandelier!

  41. I'm still making my way through the party bloggers as well. Whew. So many great blogs and I don't want to do more than just a fly by on those that catch my interest. Your decorating style really appeals to me. I'm not sure what to call my style - shabby chic done in dark colors with a bit of European Boho and a small dash of folk, whimsical and artsy. Well, it is what it is. Nove your black pumpkins and use of old books in your vignettes.


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