Friday, November 14, 2008

~ Happy Friday, Fried Chicken, Christmas Cards

New Beau Bunny Christmas Cards.

What a funny title. What's been going on around here?

I saw a recipe on PBS, the test kitchen show, and the chef was making crispy crunchy fried chicken. Aaaah.... fried chicken. I could eat as much as any of the boys when I was a kid. A friend up the street made it often. They even kept all that fat like chicken and bacon grease under the counter just waiting for a big fry. Does that make me cringe now! But I remember it being very, very good.

My mouth was watering just thinking about it. Did I have what I needed? Frying? Oh I don't do that, but maybe I have some nice vegetable oil. Yes. Alright. The recipe was very good. Crispy and crunchy just as they claimed. I only ate 3 pieces of the large batch of organic boned chicken I bought from Costco's, and I could have eaten more. But it didn't feel as good in my stomach a while later. I don't think your body knows what to do with it if you don't usually eat that kind of food.

Hours later, I still could smell fried chicken. I put out baking soda. The next day I could still smell fried food. More baking soda. Another reason I don't fry food. I took a few days before I could say no trace was left. It was good for a few minutes, but it will be years before I fry chicken again. I could have just browned it nicely & quickly, then put it in the oven and not have had frying oil for so long.

I still cooked lots all week long. The weather was cool for a short time and I always want to do a lot more cooking. Today, mid to high 80's, so not so much cooking going on. The cooler weather is coming on the weekends, so it'll be time for some nice warm soups.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!


  1. I prefer to "fry" my chicken in the oven, too!

    My honey bought me a fryolater (sp?) and I used it twice...because of the smell. No frying for me either.

  2. Donna,
    I know exactly what you're talking about. I love it, but boy does it not love my tummy anymore.
    I remember well my mama having that can under the um good. Bisquick has a great recipe on the side of their box for oven baked chicken strips with parmesean cheese, that taste almost as good as fried chicken, except no smellie kitchen. I'll have to post it on my blog next week.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. I never eat fried chicken, but it sounds yummy!
    Love the Christmas cards.
    Have a great weekend,

  4. I always fry my chicken in the oven, it's really less greasy that way. I know what you mean about your body not being able to handle too much of that type of thing. Whenever I eat something I don't normally eat a lot of I pay for it later.

    We've had a few lovely cool sunny days that I've enjoyed. Sometimes Autumn seems so short with all the Christmas hype!


  5. And that dear Donna is precisely why, J fries chicken and fish outdoors! We don't have it often, but when we do, it sure makes a difference to cook on the patio. He has a little fryer specifically made for the job. No lingering odors or mess to clean up, in the kitchen, either.

    I know what you mean about that feeling in your tummy. Of course, J is on a statin, so he knows immediately! For me it takes awhile, but my very good, good cholesterol, lets me know, pretty soon, that it is taking care of the fats.

    So frying chicken is saved for once or twice a year and fried anything else, not much at all! Funny how our bodies become accustomed to a certain diet and is quick to respond when we don't adhere to it.

    We are decorating a couple of trees today. Yes, before Thanksgiving. We're having brunch with the kiddos, as our Thanksgiving gathering, next Sunday and will have only 6 for dinner, Thanksgiving, at the condo, where I'll prepare a mini version of the traditional meal. So we are full steam ahead for Christmas, at our house.

    Happy Weekend!

  6. Hi Donna,

    I hear you....every once in a blue moon we do some fried "something" and the house sure does suck up the smell. And I so agree with the tummy troubles..

    Rainy yucky day here in the NE but warm 65 not for very long though by Tues. it will be in the 30's :(

    Have a nice week-end,
    Kathy :)

  7. Remember it used to be fried in lard? That was the most delicious! I always said if I found out I was terminal I'd eat chicken fried in lard every last day :)


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