Friday, January 30, 2009

~ Fabulous Friday, Happiness, Grisaille

Every time I pick up a paint brush, it makes me happy. No matter what I'm doing, painting a piece of furniture, redoing a small accessory or starting on a canvas, painting makes me happy. Is there something like that just makes you happy? Somewhere I read about writing a list of things that make you happy. It's a good way to get to know yourself. I found some funny things on it years ago. And now there are new things on the list, like petting puppy or having him sit in his chair beside me while I post a note here.

The armoire in our bedroom is another favorite project. The look is grisaille, monochromatic in shades of taupes, umbers, and a touch of sienna. It was something that sweet husband and I worked on together, he helped me attach the top piece, and then I had the joy of having a paint brush in my hands for a few days.

It wasn't all joyful though. While painting it, I didn't like the way it was going, and I tried to remove some of what I had just done. But the paint did not want to come off, not all together anyway. Fortunately I stood back and realized that it was turning out just the way I wanted it to. It looks like the surface developed over time. The process was just different than what I had planned. Funny how that happens.

(Grisaille (grɪʼzaɪ, -ʼzeɪl; French: gris, grey, French pronunciation: /ɡʁi.zaj/) is a term for painting executed entirely in monochrome, usually in shades of grey or brown... Wikipedia.)

Hope you have a great weekend!
See ya' Soon

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

~ Thankful Thursday, the Living Room

Living Room Mid 2008

I gave this sofa to sweet daughter when she moved into her house. It wasn't new, wasn't perfect, but it was greatly appreciated with moving into her first house. It looks very good in her family room and will do for a few years, especially while Cody Puppy is growing up. I also gave her that square coffee table. It's great for entertaining and it works well in her living room. So right now the living is rather naked. The French chairs are still there, the rug is different, and the black marble top chest is still there. It will look pretty much the same even after I find the sofa. I'll have to do some detailed posts on this room, it might be interesting to see some of the elements that have gone into it and how they were accomplished.

I'm thankful that I have this picture to motivate me to go look for another sofa sometime this year! It just seems I get more distracted from these kind of tasks. I'm thinking for moving the dining room table in there until I get around to deciding on a sofa. There are just way too many things that really need to be done, and I'm not getting too many of them done at all.

The cool air finally descended all the way down here. We haven't had 3 nights of freezing temperatures in years. A hard freeze takes out a lot of our sub-tropical and tropical plants that we love to garden with. If the freeze gets them, we usually just plant some more and enjoy them anyway. It really isn't bad at all. I see what other are going through in the really cold areas. So I'm thankful for the warm sunshine on a cool day like today.

And then there is Cody Puppy. Aren't new puppy Nanas as "bad" as new baby Nanas! Yes they are. He's a genius, has slept through the night after the first couple of days, sits, comes when you call him, gives a paw shake.... um... all for treats of course. Treats, that's a Nana thing for sure. He knows who gives him the treats. I'm totally taken by surprise at how really good he is for my overworked, sweet daughter. After long hours at work, when she sees this puppy, it just melts the stress away and puts a smile on her face. I kind of like him, too. Thankful for Cody.

So today instead of looking for a sofa or doing the hundreds of things that really do nee to be done on the house, I'm running around after the puppy, trying to finish some custom art work and writing an article that is really giving me writer's block. I have no idea why, but it's going to break through today, I can just feel it. Positive thinking!

Please know that not just on Thursday, but everyday I open my little blog, I'm Thankful for all of you who come by and take a moment to leave a note. Blogging, it' s such a good thing.

See ya' soon.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

~ Thankful Thursday

Do you ever wonder where in the world other people store and keep things in their homes? For me I want to know about kitchen goodies. If you put away all the good things you need, and want to eat everyday, you wind up forgetting you have them.

Of course most fruits have to stay out in the open, so that's a challenge. And then there are all those nuts and dried fruits and yummy things. When you buy nuts and things like that in bulk, they get put away under the counter. Then we realize we are not eating them, so they get pulled out and sometimes left out. The other day I walked in and realized we had about so many different things on the counter! All I wanted was a simple solution. Somehow to keep them within sight so we ate them, but not so they took up space or were just a bunch of clutter.

I set out to find simple, small glass jars that would seal tight. What luck that I found them the first trip out. I love these small jars that can sit out with being too cluttered or taking up much room. They were at Ross in case anyone else needs some., Almonds, Cashews, Dried Papaya, Dark Chocolate Almonds, Dried Ginger, 
Carob Energy Treats, Chia, Walnuts, Pecans, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds
Cashews, Hemp, for a few ideas. Doggie Treats are on another shelf. 

I know it's a very, very small thing. But I'm really grateful to have the space back on my counters and still be able to remember to enjoy the treats! A part of this new year for me is to try really hard to look for the smallest of things that I should be thankful for. The big things are so easy aren't they?

I love hearing back from you all when a holiday comes up and you are decorating with something that you purchased in my shop, or sometimes it's an everyday piece. Thanks so much, I appreciate it.

The French Chair collection is in pink and Tiffany blue colors. I think the simple black chair, with fleur de lis and a brownish gold frame is in the shop, too. I'll have to check because I know it's done.

Monday, January 12, 2009

French Chairs, Bunnies, Valentines & Puppy Kisses

Even if you had told me ahead of time, and some of you did, that being a puppy Nana was going to keep me very, very busy, I wouldn't have guessed how right you were. It's a trip. Like babies and little kids, I don't remember it being so much work the last time. Nor this much fun. Cody has a little curl in his tail, and when he's good, he's so very good, and when he's bad.... aw he's just a little bad. Overall he is great, although I have to watch him every single minute. I just can't get much done these days but I'm getting more exercise just running around after him.

He takes a nice nap in the afternoon in his bed by my feet and lets me work on the computer. So I have been able to get a little bit done here and there. There are some new goodies in the shop for Valentine's Day. I love the French Chair series I've been working on.Art Prints ~ The Decorated House on Etsy

And Beau Bunny has a new Valentine's Day portrait. I hope to get some cards made, too. But no time for them yet.

See ya' soon!
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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

~ Wisdom & Magic . Feast of the Epiphany


This day is usually the beginning of the year for me. The first few days of January are still filled with left over holiday activities and trying to get everything put away again. The crèche is the last thing to be put away. On this day I stop and think of Wisdom & Magic. I love the story of the Magicians (Magi), Astrologers who came to visit the Christ child. Nothing in the story says anything about kings and that got distorted over time. They were men of wisdom and magic who read the movement of the stars.

The tree is finally gone, the decorations packed and ready to put up and away. It's been a little bit slower than usual with having the new family member. Cody says thanks for all the well wishes. He is really a very good pup. I hope he stays this way and I think he will since we are more intent on doing the early days correctly this time around.

We celebrate this Feast Day with a simple meal of French Onion Soup (without beef broth,) fruit salad and fresh baked bread. Some hot chocolate chips cookies sound good, too. It's the favorite dinner for my little family and they both chose the meal years ago. The twelfth night, the end of the Christmas season, it's a day of more thanksgiving. There is a promise of wisdom and magic if we only chose to look, and that is my intent for the new year.

See ya' soon!

Monday, January 5, 2009

~ A New Year, A New Love

It was Fate, pure and simple.

He was waiting for Sweet Daughter. She brought him to her, or did he bring her to him. Either way, it was meant to be. He was looking for love but held out until she came to find him because he knew she would love him the best.

How wonderful are the people who run rescue homes? It takes such dedication and heart. The nice lady got a call at 10 pm asking for help. Only a one day window to help, then the lot of them would be gone. All eight of them. The rescue lady of course could not let something so sad happen. She came to the rescue, again.

She found homes for every single one. All the adopting people had to fill out applications, agree to the rules, which were not all that easy, and to have a home visit before the decision was made. Everyone showed up on Saturday. Except one. They actually were looking at several options and didn't tell Rescue Lady and didn't show up. One little guy was left, but went home with a foster daddy to play.

And that is how they found each other. We left early to look at other little fur balls, but they were scooped up in minutes by people who had waited for 4 hours. How great is that!? Fabulous actually. We had no idea that would happen.

So we headed north to BJ's. It just happens to be by another pet store which has rescue Saturdays, too. And there he was. Just sitting and waiting. Everyone thought he was waiting for the rescue lady to pick him up from the foster daddy, but no, he knew who he was looking for. Sweet Daughter. And she knew him before she even got out of the car.

Cody, thanks for waiting for us. There were quite a few twists in his tale to make sure he didn't go somewhere else. And someone had to agree to be with him during the day, so that makes me a new Nanna for the daytime hours. He is Yellow Lab Retriever & Golden Retriever. Right now he's snow white and just plain cute.

He's 11 weeks old & of course a little genius. But aren't they all?

See ya' soon!
Cheers to the Best New Year!