Friday, March 27, 2009

~ Happy Friday! Shall We Dance? (Doggie Dancin')

At the end of a busy week, don't you just want to dance? Or have a really good laugh?

You know not a single one of you very sweet and kind souls asked if I had seen "Marley & Me" before we got Cody Puppy who as you know is a Yellow (White) Lab Mix. Sweet Puppy (most of the time) is in doggie school, or rather Darling Daughter and I are, and Cody goes along to get treats. He's such a little smarty, he has learned everything very quickly and just does it all so we give him some treats. Now who is training whom?

The second or third class as I was asking the trainer a question, he asked me one. Have you seen Marley & Me? Well, that's what you've got. And he'll be that way for the first 2 or 3 years. After that, he'll be the best dog in the world. We still love him bunches, but wouldn't leave him a lone with a sofa that's for sure.

Today as I was doing my end of the "high-five" trick, I remembered this video I had seen a while back. See if you can just sit without wanting to dance along.

(I changed the picture to a link that takes you to YouTube. I think the embedded video slowed down the page loading.)

Enjoy, See Ya' Soon!


  1. What a great video, I wish my two doggies could do that,,, heck I wish I could dance like that... lol


  2. he is a cutie...sir chancelot wants to be his friend...chance dances and hi-fives...i am celebrating my 3rd blogacersary this week with a BiG GiVeAwAy...please come join in and spread the word...blessings, rebecca

  3. What the trainer said is so true. It's worth a Lab's prolong puppyhood, because they are amazing animals.

    I'm not sure Molly has left her puppyhood behind. She's mellowed a tad, but she's still a pup at heart, at the age of 6. We've had lots of good loyal and loving dogs, but we both agree, Miss Molly shines! What is it about the Lab personality!

    Molly didn't take classes. I was home full time and trained her...but it wasn't really training. This breed is so bright, they know instinctively what is needed. They are great mind readers!

    Can you tell...I love my dog!

    Have a great week, Donna!

  4. Hi Donna,
    My daughter showed me that before, unreal huh ??

    We have a puggle part beagle part pug, the smartest little think you ever did meet...I keep telling my daughter she has to get her on Letterman/stupid pet tricks...Sydney dances she gets on her 2 hind legs and goes round and round, plays dead when DD says bang, I taught her to sing NO LIE here she howls along to How much is that doggie in the window...LOL Jacqui just taught her to crawl...she's 3 and such a fun doggie !!!

    I have to say she was a holy terror for the first year and a half she definitely wanted to control...we bought the Dog Whisperer and just by us leading when we walked her turned her around.....but that was the first adjustment we really worked....

    Loved this post,
    Kathy :)

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed the video. It always makes me smile!

    I know Ms. Molly is a perfect dog, Pat. She is one of the wonderful dogs who influenced the possibility of a retriever.

    Kathy, your dog sounds very talented!
    They sure steal their way into our hearts don't they?


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