Wednesday, March 25, 2009

~ A Lovely Day For An Art Show

Sunday was such a beautiful day to stroll in downtown Winter Park. At least it might have been if not for the 100,000 other people walking in the same space. That could only mean one thing, it was time for the annual Winter Part Sidewalk Art Show which draws up to 200,00 plus in the three day show time. This is one of the best and most difficult to get into art shows in the country. Sweet Hubby has shown here a few times and is talking about doing it again once he retires at the end of the year. Maybe he doesn't really remember how much work it is.

The flower paintings by artist Michael Kuseske were absolutely beautiful.

I haven't resized, or hardly looked to see what pictures I took because I've been sick with a mean cold. The first in many years, so that was the good news. Gee, I can't remember the last time I was this sick! My company who is arriving on Friday will definitely be seeing dust bunnies, now newly manufactured to include white puppy hair. But it's my sis, so she won't really care.

See ya' soon.


  1. Sorry to hear you're sick Donna, hope you feel better before your sister arrives...

    Kathy :)

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon, Donna!!

    The art show sounds wonderful!


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