Tuesday, June 30, 2009

~ VOTER on ETSY . Original Bird . Mixed Media Collage

Thanks for voting!

Mixed Media Original Bird Collage

Come by tomorrow
for the winner of the
Marie Antionette Art Print.

See Y'all Soon!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

~ Etsy Treasure Hunting & What's New

It isn't easy some days to find what you might be looking for on Etsy, but it's worth the bother if you find a treasure. It's exciting to come across something special.
I found this artist a little while back and jumped at the chance to have one of her pieces. I was cheap, it was on sale. But her prices are very low anyway. Take a look at her sold items as well. I'm sure if you see something that really strikes you, she would be happy to similar piece for you.

And Victoria has just added some new chair paintings. I love chairs! 6/25

The temps are hitting near 100 (which is NOT like 100 in the desert!) and I'm running around for 10 hours a day it seems. It has taken months to close a refi for Sweet Daughter. Since she can't spend hours on the phone or computer at work, I've been doing all the work I can for her. She has great credit, and is staying with the same company and it still was 10 times the work and wait than when she first got her mortgage. If "they" had done this to begin with everyone, we wouldn't be in the financial mess that has hit us all.

In the meantime, we have met with the granite guy to do her kitchen, picked out the sink and faucet for there. It will be done soon.

And we have had our consultations with the sod removal/installation guy, the move-the-irrigation man, and the paver dude! So by the end of this week, she should have her new backyard. It is a very small space, and once you start adding it all up, you are happy it is. And of course it makes me grumpy that if she had bought her house this year, you and I would be giving her $8k free with no pay back. But that's just eh way it is, and we can't do anything about that now.
So I'm breathing in deeply and letting it go. :)

That's what been keeping me busy lately, besides running around after you know who, as seen in the last post. And Cody said Thank You! for all the sweet comments about him.

Hope you are all staying cooler than we are!
See Y'all Soon!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

~ Cody Puppy, Thank You! To All the Dog Rescue People!

(and all the cat & other animal rescue people and groups, too!)

No one was happier that we were back home than Cody Puppy. Remember this little guy that Sweet Daughter adopted from the Lab Rescue lady?

I think this bed lasted almost a week.
Did anyone tell me that labs chew everything!??

So funny to think he was that size such a short, short time ago. I really forgot how fast they grow. He is supposed to get about 55 lbs. I think the estimate was pretty good. We went to the doggie toy store (Petsmart) today and he now is 51.5 lbs. He just turned 8 months old. The next picture was when he was 7 mos. He certainly became a handsome young pup.

He enjoys his porch.

I've been really busy with custom art since I've been back. Besides chasing this puppy around every single minute, that's all I've been doing. But....

I'll See Y'all Soon!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

~ Ocean Blues

My renewed love affair with aqua to Tiffany blues has not diminished yet. While looking for another picture, this one popped up.

It was a beautiful room. I keep thinking I'd like to see an off white/cream cover on the bed. Maybe because it's so hot out now.

It was a show house for the benefit of the local Opera Company. The opera company recently announced that they could no longer stay open. Music and art has a difficult time hanging on during recessions. The first things they cut from schools as well. No need to feed the soul during hard times they seem to think.

The ocean has been calling to me. Although I grew up close the water, I don't go very often now. Life was always too busy and we just didn't make the time. I always thought I would spend more time at the beach "later." I guess it's later now. A few days will be just right even with the afternoon rains.

Sweet Hubby lived by the water for a few years as well in Hawaii where he got to be a surfer kid. It must have been a fantastic place to be back then. The Atlantic will just have to do for us this time.

See Y'all In a Few Days

Thursday, June 4, 2009

~ Dream. Fly . Live Now, Art

Sweet Hubby wants to retire, a bit early. I want him to be able to get away from such a demanding job that keeps him working every minute of the day for at least 9.5 hours. But I've been scared about it, too. How will we make it with so little income?
Today, I don't care so much about how will we do it. We just will.

Today I found out that a wonderful man who's an artist on Etsy has passed away. Mr. Slavko leaves a large hole in the world, it looks a lot like a shining star. His kindness and spirit of generosity were well known to hundreds of members. I remember when he first sent a little note to me and how kind it was of him to say hi and that he enjoyed our (mine and Sweet Hubby) art. He was a true artist, creating beauty as a way of life. This event, like others of its kind, has smacked me in the face, and made me think about Life.

This piece of art is my contribution the weekly challenge from one of the teams I am on, the Melange (Mixed Media) Team. You can find more wonderful art pieces by clicking on the name.

I'm thinking about flying in life. It's really tough for a lot of people right now. You can feel it even if you have a job how difficult it is for thousands of families. I hope that it is getting a little better for most everyone. Not just a few.

See Y'all Soon, DREAM . FLY . LIVE

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

~ Angel Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah


There probably is one or two angel statues that I missed during our visit. But I certainly tried to find everyone of them. All of them are pretty well known and if I had time to research before we left, I would have had a list. The ones I found were fabulous though.

Which picture do you like better? I can't decide. I am printing some of these and I like them both. First one with a bit of colors in the background, or the 2nd with just a touch of blue?

Do you think I'm slow getting the photos up? It's not your imagination. I'm not only chasing Cody puppy around most of the time, but getting ready for a few days at the beach. That sounds quite relaxing to me.

See Y'all Soon!