Wednesday, June 17, 2009

~ Cody Puppy, Thank You! To All the Dog Rescue People!

(and all the cat & other animal rescue people and groups, too!)

No one was happier that we were back home than Cody Puppy. Remember this little guy that Sweet Daughter adopted from the Lab Rescue lady?

I think this bed lasted almost a week.
Did anyone tell me that labs chew everything!??

So funny to think he was that size such a short, short time ago. I really forgot how fast they grow. He is supposed to get about 55 lbs. I think the estimate was pretty good. We went to the doggie toy store (Petsmart) today and he now is 51.5 lbs. He just turned 8 months old. The next picture was when he was 7 mos. He certainly became a handsome young pup.

He enjoys his porch.

I've been really busy with custom art since I've been back. Besides chasing this puppy around every single minute, that's all I've been doing. But....

I'll See Y'all Soon!


  1. Yes dear Donna....Labs chew!! We have big bags of raw hides, for Molly. She doesn't chew shoes and furniture anymore. She teases us, with shoes, etc. But she doesn't chew them up.

    You must have discovered, by now, the personality of the Labrador. Amazing, with a wicked sense of humor. Extremely intelligent and intuitive.

  2. Hi Donna, I was a follower from MSN photo days and I happened to find you again. Hope all is well and glad to find you once more. Love your blog! I will have to check out your Etsy shop! I am looking forward to seeing what amazing painting, gardening and decorating you are up to these days. Stop by and visit when you have a chance.

    Jojo (aka Cheryl)

  3. Hello Donna; AWWWWW I so love the photos of the sweet cute puppy, who has really grown.. he is very handsome. Hope the chewing stops soon... my baby girl did that when she was teething, so I took our hot sauce and rub a small bit on all that she was chewing on and she learned not to do that any more... just a thought.....


  4. He was an adorable pup and now is a beautiful dog.
    Looks so regal sitting there.

  5. Oh what a cutie! It sounds like he has you sufficiently wrapped.

  6. Donna ~ He is quite the handsome fellow in that most recent photo! I think they all chew - I have a Siberian Husky and she chewed 2 beds before we got the hint and gave her an old blanket that she didn't chew!

  7. I think Cody would make a handsome subject for you Donna :)

    He's a beauty !!!

    Kathy :)

  8. What a cutie. How great your daughter adopted sweet Cody! We have four adoptees at our house now. Animal people are great. Happy night!

  9. Gorgeous dog! My lab/retriever is 75 lbs @ 4 yrs old. Don't get too comfy thinking he'll only get up to 55 lbs! :-) Cheers, Julie

  10. Oh my goodness……look at his sweet face. He was such a cute puppy and has grown into a beautiful dog! I love the color of his coat.

  11. Cody is adorable - there is nothing like a Lab!

  12. He so cute! They do grow fast! Maxie is a Golden Retriever and he's about 70 pounds now and has his own little couch to sleep on! I enjoyed reading your article in Artful Blogging!


  13. That is one HANDSOME doggy! I love his light coloring--so pretty!

  14. oooowwwhhh he's a thing of beauty...doesn't his coat look fab with that stripey lounge...

  15. Awww, Donna, he's adorable! You know how much I love those doggies.

  16. What a beautiful dog. We have a 4 month old chocolate lab and have also been through a couple of beds already and a ton of toys. But they are so much fun! Enjoy!

  17. Very cute, is he part Chow? Thankfully my Great Pyrenees mix doesn't really chew, she does dig a lot ha. She sheds like crazy too since she is pretty fluffy in the winter. Rescued dogs are the best though!


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