Wednesday, August 5, 2009

~ Is That Squeaky Ball?

We have been busy with one of our "working vacations" this week, even though I promised myself not to do them. However Sweet Hubby wanted to get the new walkway planted and how could I refuse the help. I can't do the digging by myself. Today was totally crazy and kept me from getting to the gardening. But I thought this would bring a smile to just about anyone.

This is a game that Cody and I play. He of course invented it. Although he has a blue ball that squeaks, and he does love seeing how loud it will do so, there is something special about the dryer balls. Every time I go in to get the laundry, he follows and searches for the balls. Even if he can't see them at first, he knows they are in there. Just waiting for him. I let him find them, he takes one at a time, and I get to go find him, and  the balls. His training is going very well. Day by day, he is getting us to do exactly what he wants like chasing after him to get the dryer balls back.

See Y'all Soon!


  1. I completely understand! Our 2 dogs continue "our" training on a daily basis. You gotta love them!

  2. Yes, it seems that he is training you very well! : )

  3. You changed the title of your post! lol It's funny how dogs (and cats) have a tendency to train us as opposed to the other way around.

  4. Look at his ears perked up. So cute!

    Excuse me, but do we get pics of the newly planted walkway?

  5. Don't ya just love having a master? How swet! Terri

  6. He's darling and it looks like your training is going well. At least that's what my hubby say about the way our pooch has trained me ;)

  7. How cute!! How can you not let them do what they want?

    Oh, dogs are the best!


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