Wednesday, August 19, 2009

~ Paver Walkway, Curves Welcome!

Yes, I've got curves! Not on me personally, but instead on the front walkway. And that's just fine with me. The other curves seem to shift & droop over years, but these won't move around so much.

New Paver Walkway, Amaretto Pavers, August 2009

This is after a whole lot of landscaping and the 1st Pavers installed.

From the MLS in 1986. Exactly the same
as when built in 1959-60!
Sweet little house had never received much love.
It's not quite as small as it looks, the garage is on the side.

The original walk was simple cement and went to the end of the property line and not all the way to the street. Years ago we didn't have the choices in pavers that are available today, so when I put down the new one, I went with gray cement pavers that looked like cement. It's a faint memory now, but I do remember this being a ton of work which I did a lot of the work myself. I was pleased because it was a huge improvement.

Like a lot of things in the world of remodeling of house and home, you have so much more to choose from today. The new ones are still cement, but colored all the way through, and they are not thin pavers, but thick like a brick. Good for very long term needs, and these will stay here as long as we are.

The new one is also a foot wider, so that it is much easier for two people to walk on it.

The old walk torn out, and the hose laid
to get the right shape.

You can kind of see in this one
where the walkway ended.
We had to dig out all the plants and
dig for the new path
which moved over the right

Now, w/ Curves!
New plants, from bottom, Asian Jasmine,
Yellow Lantana, Liriope, Mini Holly,
Bromeliads, African Iris, Australian Flax

It's rather silly now how much time I spent deciding if the walk would be straight and then flare out at the end, or if it would be curved. People gave their opinions and it was a split decision. The one that kept me rethinking it all was Sweet Daughter because she didn't see the curved idea working. But she is always quick to say if she changes her mind, and she did after it was all done.

The curved walk design is what I had started with in my sketches, and it turned out to be perfect, for me. It was a lot more work for the installer. But he too loved it when it was all done. In order to get it just right, I laid 2 garden hoses, and came back to it over a couple of days, and "walked" it to see how if felt and looked.

Thanks to those who asked to see the end results. It's always so much fun sharing a new project with those who love the same things!

See Y'all Soon!


  1. Donna, I love it! I prefer a curved walk myself, especially with so many other straight lines going on outside {the house, the lawn}. Your whole exterior looks beautiful and I'm sure it was a labor of love when you look back.

  2. Oh! That is exactly what I want leading down to my mailbox. I want it to pass thru a rose arbor too. You did such a lovely job with the whole house. You would never know they are one and the same house. Just beautiful.

  3. Most landscapers will advise a curved walk. It does add interest. Yours looks GREAT! I love it and the landscaping. You have improved your curve appeal so much from when you bought the house.

    What are the grasses you used in the plantings? Is that lantana (yellow) I spot in there? It's all just beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Love your curves girlie! ;)
    Lots of work but totally worth it! It reminds me of HGTV's Curb Appeal.
    And most importantly, you have a brand new curvy walkway...just in time for the little Halloween trick or treaters!!!!!! yay!
    I love the before and after photos...the house is really a beautiful "home" now!!!

  5. A curvy path to your front door is good Feng Shui!

    My husband and I are currently building some retain walls in our front yard and, once they're done, we'll be laying pavers for our walkway, too. Hopefully it'll look as fantastic as your walkway!!

    Victoria @ DesignTies
    (I've been blogging about our front hard/landscaping project... come check it out!)

  6. Thank you for coming by and your kind comments.

    I added the names of the plants that we used. I love lots of flowers, but needed to get the "bones" in and this area can really get a ton of heat. And most flowers don't hold out too well in our heat.
    There is more shade the closer you get to the house from the trees.

    And yes! I was highly influenced by Halloween coming soon to get the fire under getting it done, NOW.

  7. Aw, your walkway turned out great! I love the curves and the flare at the end - You planned it out just right!

    But I must say, you house is just so cozy and sweet looking! Very inviting and what a change from the MLS listing! It looks so charming in yellow. I can tell that a love of TLC has gone into your home:)

  8. It was so interesting to see the early photos of the've made it into a beautiful home...and what a great decision to put in the curved walkway!

  9. THE perfect walkway for your charming home!

    As with everything that you design, you can see all the attention to detail and that it was done with an artist's eye. I love it and your home is so very deserving!


  10. Good Morning! This is just gorgeous!!! I adore curved walkways and one level houses also! So adorable! Your blog is so much fun to explore; I just discovered you last weekend!! You'll see me around a lot!lol Have a great weekend - Sincerely, Jeannette

  11. Your little house is so beautiful. Gorgeous walkway and landscaping!

  12. I love it Donna. The curve adds such character.

  13. It's hard to believe that nondescript house of the 80's is the same one you live in now.
    So many fabulous changes have occurred since then.
    And the curvy walkway is the cherry on the top! Love it.

  14. That walkway is so perfect - really love it!

    One day, could you do a post of all the changes you made to the front of the house? It looks so completely different and I see some sort of scrolly something under your windows but your picture didn't enlarge.


  15. From a plain walk it turned out to be a beautiful curved walk. It looks fantastic!

  16. Donna I love it !!!! It adds so much interest to your house :)

    I took a lot of time off this summer from blogging....I have lots of catching up to do...

    Thanks for sharing,
    Kathy :)

  17. Totally transforms your house. I LOVE it! Would make your house fun to walk up to!

  18. Wow! what a beautiful transformation!



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