Wednesday, December 9, 2009

~ Christmas Decorating ~ Countdown 16 Days

Toy Soliders
Guarding the Trees & Candy

Santas from a private collection.


  1. Love that Santa collection in the last picture, Donna. I always loved those life-sized figures and think it would be fun to have something like that outside the front door.

  2. I enjoy seeing the Christmas pictures for the past several days. Thansk for posting them.

    Wanted to say that I love your new header today. (I say today because we all know how you change it often. I'm always curious to see what's behind the windows in your other header.)Anyway, I love the colors of this one, and I found myself really drawn to it. Very nice.

  3. Ok, I'm rescinding my previous 'brilliant' comment, cuz it turns out, I'm not so 'brilliant' after all. For some reason I was confusing your header with Retayled Home's header. Oops. So sorry. But I still love your header!!lol.

  4. Beautiful! I just love Christmas decorations. Sadly, I haven't done that much here this year so enjoying others is a treat.


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