Wednesday, December 16, 2009

~ Christmas Ornaments - Radko & Friends

Most of the Christmas decorating, including the tree, would be more white if it were not for our Radko ornaments. The first time I saw them, I was in love. So nostalgic, but a bit pricey. I was never interested in the large pieces, but the smaller ones suit us just fine. So at first I bought one per year. But after a while you could find them on sale or discounted, and the collection grew. I didn't notice any on sale this year, which might have been a good thing since I really do not need any more ornaments.

The Christmas tree is almost all glass ornaments, a few old ones, along with simple, newer, inexpensive ones to fill in. Even the newer silver ones fit in perfectly with the silver on the Radko ornaments and keep the tree from looking too busy.

This is one of set of 3 Bunnies, all playing different musical instruments.

And I love the Cupcake Ornaments.

About 3 years ago I found my first and favorite MacKenzie-Childs star. It fits in beautifully with the Radko's and it has the the black and white/silver I was looking for. Again a little too pricey, so I purchased one, then the next year a couple more.

My favorite MacKenzie-Childs ornament.

The double ornaments are very pretty as well.

In addition to the glass ornaments, there are crocheted snowflakes which are great treasures to me. And white porcelain snowflakes that are about 25 years old, about the same age as the crocheted ones. The porcelain ones are very fragile so I only have 3 or 4 that have survived all these years.

I lost track of how quickly Christmas is coming,
and I am certainly not ready! See Y'all Soon~


  1. All your ornaments are so beautiful, Donna! I love the MacKenzie-Childs ornaments and the rabbits are something I would get myself.

  2. Oh that black and white MacKenzie-Childs star ornament is covetous! I want it...bad!! Beautiful ornaments...just lovely!

  3. Oh yeah, I'm a Radko fan too. Unfortunately, no tree for us this year, so they're still packed up. (sigh) Your MacKenzie-Childs ornaments are gorgeous. Truly a beautiful tree.

  4. Hi Donna, I'm trying to find out the name of the house ornament you have at the top of your blog. Would you remember the Radko name or number?
    Hoping you do, Michael

    1. Hi~ I looked at the only box of ornaments that I can actually get to right now, and that little pink Radko house was not in it. I really love it, too! Hopefully it is not one the several that have gotten broken over the years. Between my tree falling over twice and other accidents, I have lost too many Radkos. The tree is now anchored to the wall each, and I have curbed the Radko purchases. :)
      If I find it later closer to Christmas I will try to remember to post the name here.


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