Wednesday, December 23, 2009

~ Christmas .. Rescue Dogs & Help For Bernie's Dogs

Last year about this time, I was warming up to the idea of Sweet Daughter getting a dog. For the last few years she had looked and was just waiting for the right moment. She didn't need my permission since she was grown and had her own house. Or so we thought. When we met the most wonderful rescue dog lady Diane, she actually made Sweet Daughter sign a "contract" that the puppy would not be left alone during the day. Someone had to be with each of her pups after they were adopted. That left me.

The dogs I was interested in that we found on-line at different rescue organizations were mostly Goldens. But Sweet Daughter also loved Labs. When we saw this one, sitting in front of a Petco with his kind rescue people, chewing on an empty water bottle, she parked the car and ran to get "her puppy" as if he had been waiting for her. And of course you know he had been doing just that. After Ms. Diane Puppy Rescue Lady came for her house visit on Dec 31, 2008, Cody was home. And he knew it.

They warn people to NOT get puppies for Christmas. There is a huge influx of puppies being given over to pounds about 2 months later. This of course was not an option for us. Besides look at that face! You know he couldn't be any trouble.

Although his name is Cody Bear, his middle name should be Trouble. He is a kinetic wonder! Seldom does he stop. And nothing that is not locked behind a closed door seems to be beyond his ability to find and chew. Fortunately unlike other dogs we have known, he has never chewed furniture. Just one tiny, accidental nibble on Sweet Daughter's leather sofa. He just slightly missed his chewy toy.

He is so rambucious there is a chance that he might not have lasted with just any family. But then Sweet Daughter isn't just any puppy mommy. She has a big heart and loves him to pieces in spite of his antics.

If you look closely you will see what is left of a large and strong cardboard tube from wrapping paper. That's how he sat still for a second to get the picture. The next picture after this one, he had his funny Harry Ford grin, then he was streaking across the page. He looks like a grown up dog, but he is entirely the same little bundle of mischief that he was from the beginning. Puppy school was a great success. He trained us to give him treat for certain behavior. Obedience? Not so much from his point of view, yet.

Updated a bit later. Very much as the good friends of doggies told us, after a short time, Cody Bear is now the most perfect dog. It didn't take 6 years for him to become a bit calmer as some had laughingly told us. But it did take about 2 1/2 before he wasn't so wild and crazy all day long. He is a very well loved dog, and a great blessing to each of us, in his own way.


  1. Thanks for the great post, I will be linking that site to my new blog. I'm a huge animal lover and believe we all can help these poor little rescue animals. My little rescue puppy is almost one year old, I can't imagine my life without her or my 4 kitty cats. Merry Christmas.

  2. Donna! Bernie is from here in Tennessee! I have never heard of her program. Thank you for sharing this charity. I just made a donation. What a wonderful cause.

    Cody is adorable. I'm so happy he found your daughter and vice versa.

    Merry Christmas!


  3. We always believed and still do, it takes a special person to adopt a Lab. They are forever puppies and full of liveliness. They are also full of love! Cody is a sweetheart. I'm so happy he found your loving family.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Donna!

  4. He's just exquisite...with such good looks it's not surprising that his middle name should be Trouble! Hope you have a lovely Christmas...

  5. Happy holidays! Hope you enjoy your Christmas and new year's!

  6. It is wonderful that you and your daughter took a rescue pet. It is not widely spread, as most ppl want first hand pups instead of older dogs.
    We have three rescue dogs - two older dogs (8-10 yrs.) and one really young pup who is now 1 1/2 years old. Currently a fourth in foster care which looks for a new home.

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones and a Happy New Year.

  7. He's such a cutie! We have a rescue Golden and he's such a wonderful dog. Paw's Atlanta is similar in that they are very picky about who adopts and even visit the home (like a child adoption).


  8. Great post/meaning! Cody sure looks like a handful! :-) Cheers, Julie

  9. I'm glad your daughter picked a lab. They are wonderful dogs...we currently have 2 chocolates, and a pointer. As a bit of encouragement...the puppyhood stage for large breeds usually only lasts 3 years, then they calm down a whole lot:)

  10. First I want to thank you for your lovely blog. I just came upon it and was reading through your archives. It is truly lovely. I wanted to comment on this post because when I first saw the picture of your dog, I thought to myself... wait a minute, it can't be. Then I noticed the name you chose and I thought... oh my gosh. About 20 years ago, my grandmother adopted a white lab puppy for me. He looked almost exactly like your pup and his name was Cody. We called him Cody Bear as well. He was a terror on four legs, but a wonderful boy and I miss him dearly. I wish you many years of happiness with your Cody. And thank you for posting about animal rescue!



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