Friday, December 4, 2009

~ Gingerbread?

Although I don't actually like gingerbread cookies, I love the way they look. Something about a little gingerbread man makes me happy. I think it is because we started going to Charlies' Bakery when Sweet Daughter was so very young. And she always picked out a gingerbread man or a Chinese almond cookie. To this day, they are still her favorites at the bakery. We went shopping the other day and she saw a cute gingerbread man cookie cutter and although I knew I had one somewhere, I bought it ..... just because. Today it's raining quite a bit and of course that means cookie baking. Not gingerbread yet, it's another batch of chocolate chip cookies. The 100th batch in a quest for the most perfect one. Yes, I've tried most of them on the internet. The problem is that I baked what we were looking for one day, and didn't write down the exact ratio of ingredients. So I have to bake more and more. But it's been a fun adventure. Gingerbread will be soon, I promised that to Sweet Daughter ..... and the Cody Puppy, too.

Here's a little peek at the gingerbread houses at a recent event. I'll post the pictures as soon as I get them sized and ready. You can click on it to see more details. This one was so fantastic.

See Y'all Soon!


  1. I don't much like eating them, myself, but I do admire the creativity that goes into making these houses.

  2. Amazing! Ours never seem to come together as planned ;)


  3. I attended one of these events last year and what a treat to see! This house in your photo is amazing!
    I hope your december is going well and that you have found lots to smile about!


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