Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beau Bunny Rabbit Joins Hearts For Haiti Etsy Shop

If you have thought about adding a Beau Bunny or Abigail Bunny Rabbit Art Print to you collection, now would be a great time to do so.

I have donated a few Prints to the Hearts For Haiti Etsy shop, which is raising money for Doctors Without Borders one of the top rated charities in the world.
If this link is sold out, please look for another listed.
Take a few moments to look around and do a little shopping. There are hundreds of donated items to choose from.

If you would like an Abigail Bunny instead of the Beau Bunny ones they have listed, just buy a Beau and let me know that you want an Abigail instead. I will get it right out to you. The shop will notify the donors and each shop sends out the items.

(The price is $11, the same as in my shop after shipping is added. There is no shipping fee in the Hearts For Haiti shop, it is included in the price already.)

We can make a difference, together :)

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Currently raised for Doctors Without Borders (after fees):
(as of 8:30 EST 1/21/10)


  1. Those are so cute and what a wonderful thing you are doing!

  2. Hello Donna; What a wonderful and unselfish thing you are doing.. My heart just aches for them all... Love your Bunnies they are so adorable...
    I will pop over to your shop... have a great week.


  3. I love your pictures!! I am just finding out about what ETSY was doing. Just remarkable! There are so many ways to contribute and I believe that all of us should give something. Every little bit will help.


  4. Donna,
    The prints are are beautiful...what a contribution you are making...our church has made a sizable donation. My prayers are with the people. A college girl 25 miles from us is still sad.

    Thank you for visiting with me and taking the time to leave a comment on my NYC trip.

    I continue to enjoy my collage from you that I won a couple of years ago...



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