Friday, February 26, 2010


The Bunny Rabbit Queen would not be me. I have known a few people who really have a tough time every passing by a bunny and not giving it a good home. Kudos to the wonderful ones who are involved in rabbit rescue!

Although I seldom go through any dry spells or artist's blocks, there are those periods when I could literally stay awake 24 hours and just keep creating. Maybe it is the hint of Spring that came last week. Not today, it's back to cool weather outside. Which is just as perfect for the moment. The outside gardening and weeding can wait.

This is a new print that I have in my shop. I think I should make some note cards with this one, too. They would be so charming. Now this little Bunny could certainly be a Bunny Rabbit Queen.
My heart has been so sad over the tragedy at our SeaWorld. I remember Dawn Brancheau at the Shamu shows. Seeing the footage of her on TV brought back the memories of seeing how much she adored what she did. And how much she loved the animals of the oceans and seas. I am profoundly thankful for those, like Dawn, who dedicate their lives each day to protect animals and the planet as they educate us, and give joy to others while doing so.

See Y'all Soon~


  1. Hi Donna, I love your new print! I am a bunny lover! Hey, did I tell you that I found out where to get the angel that we both have, so now I can carry it in my new shoppe! She is my favorite of all the cage dolls out there. Well, I off to face the 4 feet of snow we have! hugs,Kim

  2. Love this print, Donna! I think notecards would look great! I am one of those Bunny "rescuers" you talk about {although I like my bunnies to look a certain way}. I did pack up most of mine, but I still keep one or two out, which is good enough for me right now.

  3. great bunny print.

    I was also saddened to hear about Dawn's tragedy.

    God Bless,
    Legacy Crafter

  4. A very beautiful print Donna! I love the colours especially.

    I have two rescue rabbits, Arabella and Wesley, and could not imagine a day without them or championing the rabbit rescue cause!

    I am truly grateful to those who do such great work with animals by dedicating their lives and hearts to them - this makes our world a better place.

    Thanks for your post :)


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