Thursday, March 4, 2010

~ Beau Bunny Rabbit Celebrates Alice In Wonderland

It certainly appears to have been a bunny kind of week around here!

I've had something brewing for the longest time, almost since Beau Bunny was born. He has wanted to be dressed up just like the rabbit in Alice In Wonderland. He just doesn't want to leave the comfort of home. You know nice meals and yummy cookies. He did however want a watch something bad. So now he has one.

5 x7 inch Cabinet Card

8 x 10 inch Antique Book Page Style

I usually have little interest in seeing movies at the theater instead of at home where I can put my feet up, and come and go as I please. But the 3-D thing is pulling even people like me off our comfy sofas. We were thinking about going to seeing Alice In Wonderland next week. The reviews have been mixed so far. But since it is in 3-D it is the only way to see the full effects. At the price of 3-D tickets I sure hope is is exceptional.

See Y'all Soon~


  1. How cute, Donna! How nice of you to dress him up! I'd love to see this movie, but we will probably wait until the DVD is out. It seems they wind up on DVD so quickly now. I wonder if they will have one with the 3-D option.

  2. So prescious..Have a great weekend.



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