Wednesday, March 17, 2010

~ In the Kitchen .... Faucets

everal years ago when doing a little remodel in the kitchen, I spent hours and hours looking for just the right faucet. At that time I knew I wanted something as different from chrome as I could get and with an upscale look. We chose the sink and the faucet together of course since the number of holes in the sink dictates the choices you have. I knew without a doubt what I did not want. That old standby, polished chrome, or nickle or anything so silver.

As I researched for ideas, every decorating site had lots of people showing off their fancy faucets like they would a new luxury car. It seemed very important to have a faucet that costs hundreds of dollars, was huge and looked very commercial. That wasn't what I was interested in.

When this oil rubbed bronze faucet was first installed, I was in love with it. It was certainly not that "common looking" chrome that I had grown up with. Maybe it was the memories of having to shine those faucets as a kid, or just wanting to update away from the past in general. But when I first had this faucet, it was just perfect. For a short time. Today, it looks dated to me. So I was looking for something "new."

I remember when you could buy a faucet for about $25 and it lasted for 20 years. You also didn't spend a long time fretting over what it looked like. The purpose of just being a faucet was all what truly matter. Yes, it was many years ago.

I understand $25 is not longer reasonable, but a $300 faucet should last for a very long time, and without having to repair it. This one needed some part or another at least once a year. So the lifetime warranty was nice because they did always send the part that you had to figure out you needed, but why was it made so poorly that it needed to be fixed over and over again? A plumber had recommended the brand. And I fell for one good recommendation I guess.

For the new faucet we returned to Moen. We still have one in the bathroom that has been there for over 20 years and has never even needed anything. It will be replaced soon, but only for a new style not because it is not working. And it will be a Moen or Kohler again.

I love the crisp clean look of the new faucet with a more traditional sink. Yes, I do have to clean and "polish" the faucet often. That's OK, too.

A couple of years ago I realized how much I truly love white and silver while staying at a on vacation at a bed & breakfast, and a nice luxury hotel. Both had used this simple but elegant combo. Catch me in another 7-8 years and we'll see how this love affair holds up. But I have found that things I choose in life now, as opposed to when I was younger, have a more lasting love.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
~ See Y'all Soon


  1. I love your new chrome one. It looks gorgeous and I love the style too. Very similar to what I bought a while back. I don't mind giving it an occassional polish and I do love the look. I am with you, I was amazed at the cost of these little darlings, but anything would have been better than what the builder put in. Hope this one lasts a long time. Hugs, Marty

  2. Gorgeous! Love the classy angles. I think that we should put a lot of thought into chosing fixtures - afterall, they are not that easy (or inexpensive) to replace. Our sink is like yours - love it!

    Happy St. Paddy's day, Donna. Thank you for your visits, too. :)


  3. I have a white sink and silver faucet {with white ceramic on the handles} in my powder room. I love it! Now the brass stuff in the upstairs bathrooms ~ not so much. I don't understand why these things are so much money either. Of course, when I do look at them it always turns out that the design I like is the expensive one.

  4. Nappy St. Paddy's Day Donna...

    We are in the market for a new one too, I love yours....I love mine but the on and off lever is leaking, so we are off this week-end to get a new one !!!

    When we did over our kitchen we put in a stainless steel Franke so I stayed with the chrome, I like the way it that's what we will be looking for...I found one on that I liked too !!!

    In our other kitchen I had a very similar sink to yours...I so enjoyed that sink :)

    Have a great day...

    Kathy :)

  5. ... needn' a makeover here ... like NOW


  6. I love the polished chrome. To me it's modern and classic and vintage all at the same time...which is right up my alley. I want a new faucet in my kitchen...and I keep going back and forth - should it be french style? But that won't look vintage. I know I want chrome. I'll probably go with something very similar to what you got. Great choice!

  7. lovely ! I know your post was about your new faucet, but can you tell me about your tile ? I LOVE the tile work in the backsplash and would love to know where you found that type of option detail. I know I am not finding it in Home Depot or Lowes...

  8. I like your choice, Donna. I remember when you were making over your kitchen. I also remember when oil rubbed bronze was the finish to have. We have it in the powder room.

    Your new faucet is wonderful and I truly believe the new ones are easier to polish up than the ones from long ago.

  9. I agree with you. There are tons of faucets being offered in the market not to mention the high price tags that some of them have. Faucets nowadays are really more than just a necessity. It is a fixture in the house that can add style and flair to your whole kitchen scape.

  10. Dear Donna,
    Thank you for the recommendation. The faucet you chose is perfect. It is sophisticated and classic. I bet you will be happy for many years.

    It's funny how a little thing like a faucet can bring so much joy to a visual person!!

    Thank you for checking in yesterday. Your thoughtfulness does not go unnoticed!!


  11. Love your new faucet! I like the oil rubbed bronze one too. Faucets are horribly expensive these days! We put a new one in our hall bathroom and couldn't believe we the prices!


  12. It's hard when you keep having to replace things. I always try and stick with what I know works...if it aint broken right? I do love your new faucet though :)


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