Friday, April 16, 2010

~ Backyard Gardening & Decorating, Lime Green Or Turquoise?

Even though nothing I have started on the inside of the house is anywhere near done, we are busy outside. It just happens doesn't it?

We tore the backyard up 3 years ago in hopes of a big redo, then because of health issues it got put on hold. I think it's time to get something done. And of course I'd love for it to be a special oasis where we can relax and feel like it's a vacation spot in our own backyard. We can dream.

My next excuse after getting over the physical setback was that it was totally impossible to do anything major out there when the new puppy arrived. I can remember be scared he was going to run right into a "big hole" where we needed to have a small stump taken out. Funny how what seemed like a big hole looks much smaller today as the puppy Cody Bear has gotten bigger.

As I was dreaming and planning way back when, I picked out my umbrellas first! A little backwards, but Pottery Barn had them on sale. Remember those fabulous lime green ones that had a couple of summers ago? They've been sitting and waiting for me to use them. Fortunately I still love the color but......

Fast forward to the present and I have this love affair going on with turquoise and white.
So what to do. Will the backyard have lime green or turquoise as an accent color?

Before I got sidetracked the cupboard was painted in the "studio" which is also known as the mess room right now, and the hardware which you have also seen is an aged turquoise.

When I found the ex-voto hearts that I was looking for, I thought I'd give the "blue" one a try even though I didn't think I would like it. But I loved it! This one came from American Harvest, most likely made in Mexico. I have seen a few on Ebay as well.

It is so charming along side the antique blue bottles. I got them for art projects, but they look so pretty without any adornment, too.

The sea urchin is one of my favorite little treasures, even though I don't usually decorate with shells after living in Florida all my life. I had been thinking about how much I loved the simple white colors and forms of the sea urchins for a long time and planned to find one or two. Although I had not mentioned it to anyone, when Sweet Daughter went on a vacation to the Caribbean she found these while snorkling and brought them home to me. Of course it was a most delightful surprise!

So what do you think? Lime green or turquoise? Actually I think they might look very pretty used together. We will see.

Hopefully some major moving and shaking starts in the backyard next week. We have worked at least 10 hours a day out there this week getting things ready to go.
Um.... well Sweet Hubby has anyway. My time card had a few less hours outside than that.

Have a wonderful weekend!
See Y'All Soon!


  1. I know that whichever one you choose, or mix, it will be gorgeous! I am leaning toward the turquoise, but I love the lime green too! And you already have the umbrella!

    Can't wait to see!

    Lou Cinda :)

  2. Actually, Donna, I would go with both! I just bought two of those adjustable lounge chairs from Rite Aid the other night {because I never remember to get them and then they are sold out} and it has lime green and turquoise. I like it together.

  3. I like both, reminds me of Bahama Water, I didn't know you lived in Florida, and I have loads of shells, urchins too! and use them all over the house, after all I was a mermaid in a previous life LOL
    your fairy friend

  4. For what it's worth, here's my 2 cents....I love the idea of turquoise and lime green together, so island-y! I had the same delimma but went with a lime green umbrella this year b/c my cushions I bought last summer have lime green and black and I couldn't justify buying new cushions this year. Maybe go with the turquoise this summer since that's the color for 2010 and save the green for another will never go out of style. Whichever way you go, will be beautiful!


  5. I voye for both colors. Such pretty pictures, too! Always enjoy your posts very much.

  6. Ooooh turquoise is one of my favorite colors - second only to PINK!! (I have turquoise on today heehee)

    That said, I do think turquoise and lime green look great together! Maybe you could find some fabric for cushions or seat covers, etc. to use with the umbrellas. Do you have any chairs with seats to cover or even a table you could use a tablecloth on - where you could use the oilcloth??? There are some great prints in that now. Also, I've seen pillows made from that (see Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage, she recently had some of hers in a blog post).

    It will all look fabu - I am sure! Can't wait to see what you do.


  7. Donna, this is just lovely! You know I love these colors so much!!! Lime green is the perfect color to mix with the blue. love, love. love it!


  8. I think you should use both! We have both of those colors throughout our home & love it! Bright pinks & whites in the flowers would be great, too:)

  9. Hi Donna....

    I hope you had a nice Easter...we were in CA, La Jolla we had a great time minus the earthquake that it...very scary

    I love both of those colors...I think they would look great together with a splash of orange thrown in...I love orange...many don't, whatever you decide wll be perfect that's for sure :)

    Kathy :)

  10. I think if you can use both, then that's what you should do. If you're set on only one, I vote for lime green, because turquoise is so common now. If you really long to set your eyes on turquoise, you can visit just about every-other house in the civilized world and get your fill (I love it, but its time to be fresh and new has come and gone). Lime green is so bright and fresh and unique.

  11. I like the lime green turquoise idea since I'm thinking of doing that in my screened porch. I have so many lime/apple green things from last year that I just have no reason of getting rid of! So we'll see!


  12. Pretty colors both turquoise and green!! Glad you are working outside and that you have a fury assistant to help!
    Thank you for being a good friend, Donna ~ You have a kind heart that I have felt from a thousand miles away.


  13. I say use both. Then add white or yellow/gold to bring in a warm color as accent. After all, yards are full of magnificent colors via nature. We don't have to choose just one! Mother Nature does not choose just one or a few. Why should we?

  14. How funny... I was trying to go between the same two colors! I ended up going with both and they look fabulous together - especially outside in natural light. Whatever you choose will be beautiful, you have great style!

  15. Well you my dear will know exactly what to do and it will be beautiful!! And I can't wait to see! Your photography is really stunning too Donners. You are one talented and very SWEET friend.


  16. I vote for turquoise! Of course, the lime green is nice too. I just moved and I'm loving my new bedroom & bath decor ~ turquoise & red. I'm a lover of red always and decided to use something a bit different than my usual decor.

    Which ever you choose, I'm sure it will be gorgeous! I LOVE the heart shown here too.

    Brightest blessings,

  17. Good Afternoon Donna,
    I thought you might enjoy this particular site.
    I meant to send it to you the other day and some how misplaced the link. There is an account on blogger for the house of turquoise as well. I'm certain it'll pop up again and when it does I'll send you the link ASAP.

    As far as using what you already have in lime green or using turquoise would be a difficult choice for me as both colors are so beautiful and vibrant. What I like to do in situations like that is make purchases of items in both colors. Place one color out for a day or two, then give the other a turn. If I haven't been pulled towards one or the other by then set up areas with both choices. You might decide to incorporate them both which would be beautiful against white. Your home is gorgeous either way! You've been my favorite blog for over a year now. I look forward to seeing what you decide.

    Blessings to you and yours,


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