Sunday, June 20, 2010

~ Antique Books - New Art For Old Pages

It's been a while since I started searching for antique books that were past their use for reading but still filled with the beauty of the aging dames they are to use for art. Every so often Sweet Hubby would see the books and ask if I had started doing anything with them yet. Why of course. I have ...... I'm thinking and planning. Or procrastinating. I usually have way too many projects in my head, too little time or a lack of time management skills, and sometimes all of the above.

Finally I started redoing some art and making designs just for these fabulously aged, gorgeous pages. How happy it makes me to see that the books did not get tossed out just because the were falling apart and most likely would never be read again. Of course you know we all love just stacking them and admiring them, too.

If you already have any old dictionaries, encyclopedias or you find an aging beauty in a junk or antique shop, maybe you can give new life to the old pages. So many old books end up in a landfill because they are in such bad shape. There's always an arty idea to bring them new life.

See Y'All Soon~



  1. Love your art work on the pages, Donna! Once they are in this format, I can think of at least a few things you could do with them {even without the artwork I'll bet they make great background papers to projects}.

  2. Donna,
    Have you ever considered doing a linky party specifically for antique and aged books? It would be fun! It's a topic and craft work that would be different from the other types that are out in blogland and one that I would participate in for certain. :))

    Have a beautiful weekend,

  3. Ah...great minds do think alike! I was just thinking the other day about making some art from my pile of vintage books! Love what you did with yours!

  4. I agree a linky party for old books would be great. Maybe a repurpose on old books or something like that.

  5. What a wonderful and creative idea! I shall be on the look out for some.

  6. That is a wonderful idea and so very fun-

    sandy toe

  7. These are beautiful, Donna. I'll have to rememeber to look for old books at the book fair, next time.

  8. Hi Donna. It's Lindsay at The White Rabbit. I wanted to tell you that I just posted a blog where I tried your painting technique for the french drawer pulls on an old mirror. I linked to your tutorial and gave you credit of course!

    We still love our rabbit logo by the way! Thanks, Lindsay


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