Tuesday, August 24, 2010

~ Climbing Trees ~ Bromeliads

Many years ago riding along the river roads on Florida coast I would see fantastic displays of red flowers. Usually the plants were in the ground where you would expect a blooming plant to be, but often they would actually be growing up the trees that lined the road. The environment was perfect, humidity from the river nearby and it seldom would freeze with the breeze being there off the water.

Although you most often see Bromeliads sold as house plants, they can be grown outside as far "north" as Florida. And there are thousands of types to choose from, with a wide vary of prices. Mine are the most common kind. Simple, pretty and red flowering.

When you purchase bromeliads instead of cut flowers, you certainly get your money's worth. They will last for a long time with just a little care. Buy them before they are in full bloom, just when the flower is emerging. That way it will continue to bloom and you will get the full enjoyment of it. I know you can "baby" them if you live where it is colder and bring them in during the winter and take them back outside once the cold weather passes by. We are lucky and can just stick them in the ground. They can survive a freeze, but do like a tree canopy for some protection.

This area was mostly bare, totally torn up and it was looking pretty bad. One of the few things left the ground was all theses bromeliads. I pulled up a small army of them to replant. When I ran out of steam, I left the ones that were climbing the tree. They remind me of years gone by, both happy tree climbing days, and long rides along the river roads.

A little plant info: ... bromeliads are epiphytes, the same as orchids or staghorn ferns. They like growing up other plants without harming them, but bromeliads can grow in the ground as well. I confess I love them because they require absolutely no attention at all.

~ See Y'All Soon


  1. Donna this image is absolutely gorgeous! Perfection!

  2. My dad lives in central Florida and has these growing all over his yard. He never fertilizes or babies the plants in any way and they are gorgeous.


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